Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gingerbread (300th Post!)

This year my workplace held its first annual gingerbread contest. Despite starting the night before it was due I think it turned out well! Ava and I had loads of fun putting this together.  The bulk of the candy was leftover Halloween candy, all the "meh" stuff most people just throw away.  I call it
Eversweet National Forest, nestled under Gingerbread Peak.  Everyone at the Christmas lunch threw in their votes.  I overheard a few onlookers saying "this one is super busy!"  Well, of course it is! It's called nature, it's supposed to be messy! Things don't grow all in neat rows, ya know?

UPDATE: The votes have been tallied, I am a winner!
Best Use of Color Category WINNER!

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I drew upon a few sources for inspiration: