Sunday, October 20, 2019

Shopping at The DI is A Waste of Time

I was going to post some pics of a vintage Slimer puppet I fouund; but my spouse taught me today that shopping at the DI is a waste of time.  I will rebrand this blog into a sports blog, like a normal.  No more money and time wasted at the stupid DI, garage sales, or thrift stores!  I will definitely plan a Super Bowl party this year, and enlist my son in peewee league football.  I will need to buy one of them Rokus to watch all the football, baseball, and everything else that's ends with "balls" games.

This year, I predict, my boys (The Browns), will take the Super Bowel LIII!!!  The final score will be 59-0 against the Raiders.  See me analysis below.

(place holder football strats)

Wait, I think my wife probably wants me to turn this into a cleaning, cooking, parenting, relationships, and home decor/improvement blog.

What's your vote, home decor, or sports?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Mortal Mansion

Saturday night bedtime story for the kids.  Found this awesome pop-up book for cheap at Savers.  I was going to post this to Instagram, but the app keeps crashing on my phone.  Maybe it's for the best.

So much to look at on each page, and so much blood!  Which page is your favorite?  I actually noticed there is a ghost that looks exactly like the ghost on the cover of Ghosts & Ghouls.

Friday, October 11, 2019

All My Pumpkins

Over the years I have been collecting plug-in plastic and plaster Jack o' Lanterns.  There is just something very satisfying seeing a window full of these spooky guys!  I paid $1 each for these!  All found at the DI.  Let's have a look see.

  1. M&Ms Red Mascot, East Corp Toys Co, 2001
  2. Blow-mold with no markings.  Who knows when this was made?  It's very flat.  I can send more pictures if you need to ID this Jack.
  3. Trendmaster, 1993
  4. Jakks Pacific Inc, 2003
  5. Square Teeth, The Paper Magic Group, 1998
  6. 4-in-a-row, Trendmaster, 1995
  7. Sharp TeethThe Paper Magic Group, 1998
  8. Stack o' Jacks, Gemmy Industries Corp, no date stamp

Was this a light-up blow-mold?  Does anyone have info on this one?

Do you have some of these at home?  Which ones are your favorite?

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Local Utah Haunts: Ghosts of Camp Floyd and Troll 2

This is a Utah State Park event that our local Boy Scout Troop plans to attend:

Is Camp Floyd haunted?  The public is invited to participate in a paranormal investigation of Camp Floyd.  Because of the popularity of this program, four sessions will be conducted this year with each date limited to 40 participants.  Admission fees are $7 per person and reservations are required.
Participants are encouraged to view the museums at Camp Floyd during the day light beginning at 6 pm, with the event starting at 7:00 PM and ending at 9:00 PM.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own flash lights, recorders, cameras, digital and infrared cameras where park staff will assist participants in the use of their equipment in finding paranormal orbs, mists and sounds.
A brief presentation will be conducted to familiarize participants with paranormal investigating techniques and findings as the investigation starts.  All participants will be invited to present their findings at the conclusion of the investigation, and will have the opportunity of viewing photographs along with other paranormal evidence gathered at this historic site. 
Camp Floyd was a short-lived U.S. Army post in the Cedar Valley, Utah, United States. The Stagecoach Inn was a nearby hotel which also served as a stagecoach stop and, during 1860-1861, a Pony Express stop.
You can bet I will return and report our findings!  Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever investigated paranormal activity?

I also discovered that Trolls 2 was filmed right in in the beehive state, Morgan, UT!  I plan to watch the movie, and then the documentary about the movie's production, "The Best Worst Movie Ever".

Have you seen Troll 2?  What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Squirmy Wormy Donuts

These are amazingly good, I was surprised!  They are the October donut of the month this year at my local Smith's Food & Drug (Kroger) grocery stores.  If there is a Smith's in your area check and see if your bakery has these!

They're just chocolate donuts, topped with Oreo crumbles, and apple flavored gummy worms.  10/10 must try this month!

Do you have a Smith's nearby?  Have you tried these?  Are there any junk foods you gotta have this time of year?

Monday, October 7, 2019

Bobble Beasts

I acquired these awesome bobble heads from the designer himself!  Check out his Instagram account @andraculoid.  He currently designs and re-produces some wicked awesome masks, busts, and props from horror films.

I love the character profiles on these guys!