Saturday, April 7, 2012

vintage 1974 geobra Playmobil figure

My dad picked this little guy up for me whilst at the D.I.

After doing a little bit of internet research I found out that Playmobil toys (a German company by the way) first hit the market in 1974.  This little guy has 1974 on one foot and the old geobra logo on the other.  I'm still not sure what set he's from and I think he's missing some accesories, but at least he still has his awesome hat.  I think he's a driver of some sort.

If anyone has any info please share!

Total cost: $0.50


  1. If his wrists turn then he is no older than 1982. The 1974 on the foot is the copyright date of the mold it came from, not the year of manufacture. Older playmobil figures had one-piece arms/hands.

  2. Oh, thank you G! That's good to know. It appears it is not as old as I thought, but still an awesome toy. :)

  3. My husband has 2 figures..ones got the hands that turns and the other one doesnt have arms that turn! Both have the 1974 on the bottom of their feet. Do you think they are vintage hehe

    1. Since I have posted this I have learned a bit more about Playmobil. As G said in the comments above, the older Playmobil figures had one-piece arms/hands. We learn from good old Wikipedia that "Earlier figures had arms of one piece. Since 1982 all figures have hands that rotate at the wrists." So the figure that has hands that turn is 1982 or later, and the other that has hands that don't turn predates 1982. What other features do the figures have, I'm curious?

      Thank you for stopping by, I hope this helps. :)