Monday, December 1, 2014

Creepmas Day 1: Mighty Max Grapples With Battlecat

My sister in law Jerica nabbed this amazing Mighty Max play set just for me! It was just 2 bucks at Kid To Kid of all places! Behold this Ice Age wonder:

Bloody fangs!

Inside the mighty sabertooth's head we discover a dank cave, full of rot and decay. The Mammoth's tusks pull double duty are the tigers fangs!

Just run Mighty Max, you're no match!

Now that's one evil mammoth!

The goblin/caveman's rock also serves a dual purpose, firstly as a bloody head smashin' rock, and second as the sabertooth tiger's left eye!

Battlecat's lower teeth open and spring shut, trapping Mighty Max. 

Will Max make it out alive? Let's find out!

Good old Bluebird toys! Micro scale play sets are becoming a new obsession of mine! I'm seriously considering focusing my collection on such sets and trading/selling the rest of my toy/video game/comic/books/etc. collection.


I'm a CREEP for The 13 Days of CREEPMAS

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