Sunday, December 10, 2017

Creepmas 2017 Day 10: Z-Bots Toytivity

I have created a "toytivity" the past few years.  Some better than others.  This year's toytivity features an all Z-Bots/Voids cast.

 Manger Scene: Fisher Price Play Family Farm barn

 Shepherds: Combatz, Simptox, Radial, & Centoid

 3 Wisemen: Blastor, Jawbreaker, & Tiddo

 Mary & Joseph: Linkbots Orj (KFC version) & Tor
Manger animals: Linkbot E-ra, & Turbocon

 Baby Jesus in craddle: Skoutt in the Ballistic Bomber

Angel: Skydragon

2016 Toytivity


  1. Ha Ha Ha - This is really funny

  2. Brilliant idea using the Fisher Price barn. I love your three wise men.