Tuesday, September 24, 2013

List O' Pet Peeves

Let’s all take a deep breath this week and let off a little steam. This week’s assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is… — Pet peeves.

I really like this weeks assignment. It reminds me of something I read in MAD magazine once. Well, if there's something my honey and I like, it's a good list, and I have a butt load of pet peeves, so here goes nothin'! This will be my longest post ever!

When items are WAAAY overpriced at the D.I.

When someone calls LEGO bricks "Legos".

When my wife makes me drop whatever I'm doing and kill a spider for her. 

When my daughter pulls my arm hairs.

(I'm gonna catch a lot of flak for this one.) When people talk about The Big Bang Theory like it's so funny and amazing. It isn't and it's not! Watch the IT crowd! Moss is hilarious! Sheldon is NOT FUNNY!!!

When people say "BAZINGA"!

When Netflix only has one season of a great show. Come on, you only have season one of Samurai Jack!? Why Netflix? WHY!?

Wet farts.

When someone asks me my name and they think I answered "Macy" or "Jason".

When great cartoons, like Adventure Time and Regular show, have toys that are made by jazwares. JAZWARES!? WHY!? Worst toy company ever!

LEGO copycat brands.

Impossible to open packaging.

When you can't hear someone and they say "you never listen to me!"

Line cutters.

Overly stringent cut-off times for the McDonald's breakfast menu.

When I find a long hair in my food.

When someone starts smoking right next to me.

When I'm trick-or-treating and someone says,"What are you supposed to be?"

When I'm trick-or-treating and someone says,"Aren't you too old for this?"

When I tell someone I'm going to Comic Con and they ask,"What is Comic Con?"

When I'm buying toys and the cashier asks who they're for and I tell them they're for myself and then they look a me as though to say,"Oh...weirdo."

When I tell people that I blog and they don't know what a blog is.

When old folks complain about how much better things were in "the good old days".

How things aren't as good as they were in the good old days.

When people think anything that is animated is "just kid's stuff".

When you almost beat a video game, die, and then have to start from the very beginning. RAGE QUIT!

When someone becomes way overly competitive when playing video games/sports/board games.

When people get way too carried away with a list.

When people hide corny jokes within their lists.

People that think anything fiction is a waste of time and that only non-fiction books are worth reading.

When someone says,"Video games will rot your brain out!"

When someone says,"TV will rot your brain out!"

When someone says,"Candy will rot your teeth out!"

When someone says,"You shouldn't eat meat, it's bad for you!"

When someone says,"I was a total nerd in high school!" and they totally weren't.

Being labeled.

When people are sarcastic

When someone is overly sensitive.

When I get called into work on my day off.

When I get called into work early.

Road rage.

Sticky floors.

A messy house.

Bad hair days.


Mowing the lawn.

When you wake up and your arm's asleep.

When your foot falls asleep.

When someone reads over my shoulder aloud.

Facebook poke wars.

When someone almost immediately after meeting me calls me "shy".

Someone laughing at their own jokes.

When popcorn gets stuck in your teeth.

When my teeth get stuck together and I can't open my mouth because I bit down on a Jolly Rancher really hard for about 10 seconds.

When it hurts to laugh and people keep making you laugh.

Trying to hold in a laugh.

When my fingernails get to long.

Carpal tunnel from typing and video games.

When I can't find lost items.

When someone says,"I hate to say I told you so."

When baby keeps me up all night.

When the barber messes up my haircut.

When I pour a bowl of cereal and then find there's no milk.

When the word "there" and "their" are used incorrectly.

Clip show episodes.

When a cricket is loose in my room.

The Head On commercial.

The peanut butter jelly time Lunchables commercial.

The way Jar Jar Binks talks!

Everything about Scrappy Doo!

Pitfalls in Animal Crossing.

When old people try to use hip slang.

Getting Rick Rolled on Youtube.

Loosing action figure accessories.


The Annoying Orange cartoon series.

"10 minutes of ____" videos on youtube.

Okay, I'm gonna stop there. Man, I'm easily annoyed. I guess I'm not the only one though!

Brian of Cool and Collected lays down some of his pet peeves of TV watching.

Check out some pet peeves regarding unreturned shopping carts, movie trailers, and restaurant drink selection at Cavalcade of Awesome!


  1. Never have watched the Big Bang Theory,Walking Dead,Mad Men or Breaking Bad. All of these shows that are supposed to be so good but i just have no interest. Never heard of the IT crowd what's that show about?

    1. I've seen a few episodes of Big Bang, the first 2 of Walking Dead, and nothing from Mad Men or Breaking Bad. The IT Crowd is great, but if you don't like British comedy then it might not be everyone's "cup of tea".

      Set in the London offices of the fictional Reynholm Industries, the show revolves around the three staff members of its IT department: a geeky genius named Maurice Moss , the workshy Roy Trenneman , and Jen Barber, the department head/Relationship Manager, who knows nothing about IT. The show also focuses on the bosses of Reynholm Industries: Denholm Reynholm and his son Douglas.

      So if you like technology and British comedy, it's golden. I love most British comedies and I love computer geeks, so this show can't be beat!

      Here's a small sampling:

      I just might create a future post callled The IT Crowd vs The Big Bang Theory. Hmmmm.

    2. One more :P


  2. Solid list and I agree with pretty much everything on here. The cartoon and toys "are only for kids" line needs to die. I mean aren't we a "little old to be judging" cashier at a box store?

    1. Holy crud, I cannot agree more! People have their "big boy" toys in the form of expensive automobiles and jet skies, so why can't I just stick with the toys I have always liked?

      Thanks for that Crooked Ninja!

  3. A long hair is better than a short hair.

    (excellent list!)

    1. Ah yeah, that's a good point. At least with a long hair the meal can still be saved sometimes.

      Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the list!

  4. Scrappy-Doo is awesome.

    Tadadadada...! Puppy Power!

    1. LOL! At times I don't mind Scrappy's ways. At others he just drives me nuts! It's the same way with Sponge Bob.

  5. I'm with you on Big Bang Theory. I tried watching it... lasted until episode 4 or 5 before I just couldn't deal with it anymore. Have you ever seen the No Laugh Tracks clips? Sheldon is a dick! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg4s2-zRAT4

    1. He really is a jerk and it is not funny in the least. Dr. House is a big jerk, and his show is great. Adrian Monk had many quarks and Monk is hilarious. Sheldon is just flat and humorless.

  6. ha! I agree with 90% of your list. Especially the arm hair pulling, its my sons new favorite thing. And the wet farts....yeah

    1. I know! Ava's pulling my arm hairs right now! OUCH! She does it when she's sleepy. Time for bed.

      My wife couldn't believe I mentioned the wet farts thing, but we all know it's true!

  7. Big Bang Theory just has been on the air way too long. It's done. There is my pet peeve. US shows that do 24 episode seasons where most is filler. Britain gives you 6 or 8 or 10 episodes and then we move on. Remember a little show called Faulty Towers or Firefly. Sometimes less is more. I feel drained after BBT and not in a good way.

  8. I agree, you really can have too much, even of a good thing. Sometimes I'm bummed when they end a great English TV series, such as The IT Crowd, so soon. But on the other hand they know when to kill it before it grows old, with the the exception of Dr. Who of course.

    There is one American show I hope never ends, though it may not be as good as it was in its glory days, and that show is The Simpsons!