Thursday, February 9, 2017

12 Playsets

One for each month of the year.  I will focus on and obsess over these playsets every month accordingly:

January - Lego Space Systems 453 & 454, Landing Plates & Crater Plates. Best. Modular. Set. Ever.

February - Mighty Max Dragon Island - Just add a blue sheet for water. (Red sheet for lava with the Skull Mountain playset)

March - Robin Hood Sherwood Forest playset - Like the Ewok Village, just better.

April - TMNT Technodrome - Pairs perfectly with Mini Mutants for epic scale!

May - The Family Play Castle - Sadly no commercial for this awesome set.  I used to play with this set at my aunt's during the annual Easter get together.  I love that trap door!

Fun facts about the different variations at Anne's Odds and Ends.

June - Tim Mee Battle Mountain - Again, no commercial, how sad.  A perfect multipurpose playset!

July - Construx 6110 Colossal Set - Very yes!

August - Imaginext Bat Cave - It may be the best bat cave so far!

September - Micro Machines Space Galaxy Command - How does this not have a commercial!?

October - Weeble's Haunted House - This one was a new discovery for me.  Found a thrashed set for super cheap!  Love that shaky camera work at the end.

November - Filmation's Ghostbusters Ghost Command - Maybe one day I can own one?

December - PeeWee's Playhouse

Did I miss one?


  1. Me and my brother got that Filmation Ghostbusters house from my parents by accident. They bought it for us not knowing the difference between Filmation & The Real Ghostbusters. I loved that thing though!

  2. Looking forward to this! I was super excited to see the Micro Machines and Might Max sets on here!

  3. That's good that you appreciated it when you were a kid! Usually as kids we hated knockoff toys or when our parents would get us something similar that wasn't quite what we wanted. Then years later we realize what a gem the less popular toys are now!

    Do you still have the playset somewhere?

    1. It is actually in my parent's attic as we speak...along with the Real Ghostbusters Firehouse, Castle Greyskull and the Cat's Lair!

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  5. I'm hoping to analyze Dragon Island before I run out of February. It's become so difficult to find the time to post, with Instagram being such and easy alternative. I wanna keep the blog alive though.

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