Friday, February 24, 2017

Mighty Max Storms Dragon Island: Episode 16, Blood of The Dragon

In order to properly obsess over a playset you have to appreciate the cartoon/movie most toy lines are based on. 

Mighty Max is fairly unique, as the toy actually preceded the cartoon show. Check out the pre-cartoon TV spot for the Mighty Max Trapped in Skull Mountain set and it's pretty clear.

The funny thing is each set sounds like the title of an episode, so maybe they already planned on creating a cartoon, they just didn't want to wait to start pushing the toys before the cartoon was ready.  Max was animated in the Skull Mountain commercial.

Without further adieu, YouTube presents Blood of The Dragon:

Cheesy, yes, but I lived for this show when I was a kid!  It was pretty dark.  Drinking blood, even dragon's blood, would be unheard of in today's cartoons marketed to youngsters.  There is even an episode where a bloody crime scene is shown and Max is worried his friends may have been murder victims. Moving on to the cast:

Max - Rob Paulson!  Basically the human boy version of Raphael, and the same voice actor too.

Skullmaster - Tim Curry!  Seriously, there could not be a more perfect choice for Skullmaster.  He really delivers the death threat lines perfectly!
Felix - Maxes best friend. Voiced by Corey Burton, now the narrator of Future Worm.
Virgil - Tony Jay! Top notch casting for this show.  Tony has a great voice and he's perfect as Virgil.
Norman - Richard Moll. I don't believe he ever did any other voice acting, but he's great.  Norm is the muscle and has some nice one liners.

Overall, this episode doesn't translate perfectly to what is featured in the playset.  The Lizard Mutants in the playset look nothing like those in the TV episode.  The island itself is obviously way different. It is a nice adaption however and is close enough.  Next post I will take a closer look at the actual playset.

Did you ever watch Mighty Max?  Do you remember this episode?  Did you ever compare it to the playset?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. I vaguely remember the cartoon and the SNES game. I collected the toyline pretty heavily for a number of years, though, and started recollecting them a few years back. This set always gives me really good memories! I remember receiving it for Christmas (maybe Christmas 94, so I would have been 11) and playing with it at night in my room with the lights off, only utilizing the glow of the playset itself. Great times!

    1. I never did play the game, but I loved the cartoon and the play sets. I'm always looking for Mighty Max sets and figures. I never owned this on though sadly. Maybe one day.

  2. I really enjoyed this cartoon. My younger brother had tons of the sets and we would watch the show before school. I think it was on UPN 9. Pretty sure we still have a VHS tape of the shows somewhere?

    1. For a time all the episodes were on YouTube. May have been taken down by now due to copy right.

  3. Mason,
    I have super fond memories Might Max growing up. Great post!!!!!

    1. Thank you Brian! I'm hoping to show my blog more love with posts. Most likely going to revive things come October, Halloween 2017! :)