Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Am So Grateful For All of You! And you, and YOU!!! Weird word, you.

I have been a busy little worker bee, but that's no excuse to be silent on blog about some amazing, wonderful, and generous Bloggers and Instagramers that have sent me some cool loot recently (or a while ago)! I have thanked everyone in one way or another either through messages, Instagram posts, or other means, but I feel the need to thank everyone formally here on the good old blog. I don't have all the pictures of all the amazing goodies I received on hand, but I will update this post and flood it with images little by little. I don't want to put off thanking everyone until I have every picture ready to go. 

Be sure to follow the links below and give all these wonderful people a follow!

Thank you Brian Farrel, AKA The Trash Man, for the awesome LEGO minifigs and bricks, as well as a sweet vintage Mother Alien sticker (I made it into a magnet!)! Brian also sent me yet another great package including several PEZ dispensers loaded inside a big blue Frankenstein head, a great Plastic Man post card, and more!!!

Thank you Derek, AKA The Goodwill Geek, for the extremely generous box o' LEGO bricks and the other sci-fi awesomeness! There are some great pieces in there, and I used one to customize my LEGO Shelob, she looks fantastic!  

Thank you Tamsyn, AKA @legostorybr on Instagram for the fun LEGO package from Brazil! She even sent me a package previous that was lost in the mail and sent me a second package to make up for it! Thank you so much, I don't deserve it!

Thank you Deidre, AKA @trollsdolls on Instagram, for some great Madball and Wacky Packages goodness. If you find any homeless trolls send them her way, she will take good care of them!

Thank you John, Lord of Robot Monster Space Super Hero, for your kind donation of BootLEGO minifigs, a speedy wind-up eyeball, and more. It came out of the blue and really made my day! I still need to edit the first episode of Mason's Toy World featuring everything John sent. I really need to get on that!!

Thank you James Mooney, AKA @darthmoondog on Instagram, for the sweet trade! My Battle Beasts collection has grown exponentially and I really like the extras as well!

Thank you Sir Brian Lapsley, keeper of Awake Oh Sleeper, for the amazing Loot Grate loot, cards, toys, and art work! I was blown away by the most recent package, and continue to be blown away by Brian's care packages, I'm starting to loss count! What a generous soul, I appreciate your kindness!

Thank you Nicole, AKA @nicolesiebenhausen (Sister of Laura of Boobobby) for the great Yuletide trade and kind CthuLEGO donation!

Man, I'm spoiled! Thank you again everyone! I think i remembered to thank everyone that I haven't thank on the blog here. If I forgot someone chastise me in the comments below. THANK YOU!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

GPK Funko POP! Leaked!

FINALLY, we get a first look at what Funko has planned for the Garbage Pail Kids!

A quick Google search revealed these glorious photos posted on Rad Retro Stuff, thanks to GeePeeKay on Twitter:

The Mystery Minis are cool, but I think I would rather have Cheap Toys or Minikins. Still, they look pretty sweet, and I suppose the articulation and accessories set it apart.

I am really tempted to break my no new toys diet rule! I wouldn't complain if someone gave me some of these little guys as a gift though. Tee-Vee Stevie is probably my favorite, followed by Dead Ted. The big headedness of GPK characters works really well with the POP! look.

Are there any Funko fans that plan on collecting some of the up and coming GPK figures? Who are your favorites?


The latest DI Tresures follower Steve Rotters has informed me that Funko will not be releasing POP! figures. The figures pictured are only the smaller Mystery Minis. Hopefully somewhere down the road they will release some of the larger POP! figures, because if there's on thing I hate it is blind box toys, forcing you to buy more toys you don't want! I know some people like the mystery, but I hate it because I'm trying to be a toy hoarder on a shoe string budget here!


Follow the link HERE to see a more accurate description of these disgusting little guys!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Box of Awesome Episode 2: GPK

I recently brought home an amazing toy haul from Capitol City Antique Mall. One of the vendors has a huge wooden chest stuffed full and everything is 50 cents. Usually there isn't much of note inside, but one day I came in and they were restocking and they had several boxes full of junk and I went a little crazy. I have decided to break up the madness into little themed episodes. Since this month is GPK, let's see what GPK junk I found:

There were only 2 GPK items in the bin o' junk, but they're real winners! 

 First up we have an absolute master piece. It's Mona Loser, a Garbage Pail Kids Pop-Up Toy by Imperial Toys!

Just perfect!

 At first I passed over the garbage pail and snatch up Mona. I later realized that they're a set and went back for the pail. The spring mechanism is missing and so is the lid, but she still looks just as lovely as ever outside of her trashy home.

Next, Garbage Pail Kids Stick-Ons!!! It's a real shame the stickers got a bit scrambled, because I would have liked to keep this sealed. Still, a great find for 50 cents! Let's zoom in.

From left to right: Nasty Nick, Adam Bomb (of course), Ailin' Al, Weird Wendy, Unstitched Mitch, & Brett Sweat

 From left to right: Ancient Annie, Schizo Fran, Nutty Nicole, & Bye Bye Bobby

  From left to right: Pegleg Peter, Foul Phil, Bent Ben (behind Schizo Fran), & Brainy Brian

  From left to right: Michelle Muck, Art Gallery, Mixed-Up Mitch, & Sara Slime

From left to right: Ashcan Andy (R2-D2), Potty Scotty, Muggin' Megan, Messy Tesie, and Sumo Sid

The back of the back gave me several ideas to get started. I think these would make the perfect magnets. Just add some adhesive magnet sheets from the craft store and viola! 

Now who wants a GPK Sticker/Magnet for Valentine's Day?


I carefully removed the staples and straightened the stickers that were out of place. Surprisingly they are still quite sticky. 

I believe I should return these to the package and save them for future posterity. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February is Garbage Pail Kids Month!!!

Okay, January was full of broken dreams and empty promises, but also chock full of awesome! I really like the monthly themes, it helps me focus and it's fun? I dunno, what do ya'll's think?

This month is Garbage Pail Kids Month! Last month I attempted to snap a picture of a LEGO Minifigure once a day and fizzled out. Things will be different this month as I finally got a new phone! Every day will be a new GPK pic on Instagram (@spacemason). 

I also might talk at you here on the ol' blog! GPK, Wacky Packages, Valentine cards, pretty much anything and everything that comes in card form or is in some way related to GPK. I was gonna edit the first episode of Mason's Toy World on Saturday, but I went to Fan X Comic Con instead. I'm hoping for some slivers of free time this coming Saturday to edit, then we'll be filming episode 2 Wacky Packages.

These may all be more broken dreams and empty promises, but at the very least we'll all have a few laughs and see some sweet GPK goodness this Valentine's Day! So, stay tuned!!!