Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Creepmas 2016 Day 13: The 3rd Annual Toytivity Scene

For the past 3 years I have been creating what I like to call my "Toytivity".  Largely inspired by one of my favorite holiday classics, Merry Christmas Mr. Bean.

I was lucky enough to find a decent nativity set from the DI on the cheap so I can use the manger to really sell it.  2016 is my favorite so far.  I only wish I owned more female action figures.  A Blackstar demon will have to do for now.

I'm certainly not the first to create a nativity scene using action figures.  Check out more at http://unrealitymag.com/images/the-action-figure-nativity-scene-contest/

Have you created your toytivity yet? If so, I wanna see it! If you haven't created one yet, then what are you waiting for!?

Monday, December 12, 2016

Creepmas 2016 Day 12: Frankie's Holiday

Just saw this Apple commercial.

Creepmas 2016 Day 11: Christmas Cheese Storm

What's worse than bad movies?  Really bad Christmas movies! Is this a Creepmas post? I dunno, close enough though.  Here's my list of cheeseball Christmas movies, some of which I admit are a guilty pleasure.  From the garbage "so-bad-it's-good" territory we get closer to #1.

Dishonorable mention:

Ernest Saves Christmas

I just love this film and Jim Varney so much I couldn't bare to put it on the list.  Plus, Ernest films do cheesy just right and are totally self-aware, so it works.  Plus, did you know My Pet Monster makes a brief cameo as he emerges from Santa's magic sack?  Even Ernest's best pal Vern (from the TV show) is in the film, though just like the show, you never actually see Vern, just his POV as Ernest wreaks some holiday havoc.

8. Disney's The Search for Santa Paws, & Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups (cringe time)

7.  Beethoven's Christmas Adventure

Speaking of dogs, did you know there are like 10 freaking Beethoven movies?  Who doesn't love Beethoven?  You'll love him even more now that he can speak, joy!

6. The Christmas Tree (1991)

If you hate yourself you can watch the whole thing on YouTube!

5. Holiday in Handcuffs

It's good to see the Sabrina the Teenage Witch actress still found works after the series ended...

4.  Christmas With The Kranks

Tim The Tool Man, we love ya buddy.  Starring Dan Aykroyd as good old Vic Frohmeyer, and that one kid from Malcolm in The Middle!

3.  Disney's I'll Be Home for Christmas (a lot of Disney films on this list)

Here we have the The Tool Man's favorite son. What's the actor's actual name again?  Whatever.

2. The Star Wars Holiday Special

George Lucas has to live with this one for the rest of his life.

1.  Jingle All the Way, & Jingle All The Way 2 (this has a sequel!?)

Arnold really makes this one magical.  "Put the cookie down!" Never gets old.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Creepmas 2016 Day 9: Mad Ball Ornaments

I was at a loss today.  I was running out of Creepmas things to write about, and then I saw these:

Madball ornaments by Middle of Beyond!

Well, nuff said.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Creepmas 2016 Day 8: Dead Rising 4 Christmas Challenge

A really lame, weird commercial.  Some guy named Blake plays an Xbox game about zombies...

Creepmas 2016 Day 7: GPK Book

The wife got me the awesome newish GPK book for my birthday in November!  It has a nice introduction by Art Spiegelman and an afterword by John Pound.  In between are full color pictures of all the original series 1-5 GPK cards!

The book's even on the smallish side, making it feeling like a jumbo waxpack.  The sleeve even has that waxy feel to it!

And now, more CreePeeKay related cards from series 1-5:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Creepmas 2016 Day 6: When Santa Fell to Earth

I recently checked out a weird Christmas movie from the local library, because I'm poor and cheap like that.  It's a German film entitled When Santa Fell To Earth.  It was mostly super cheesy and horribly dubbed, not really scary.  There was a strange conversation between a mother and child about cocoa beans, Mayan rituals, and "confectioneries".  

Our Santa character, or "the last real Santa" is basically Dr. Who meets Old Saint Nick.  He even has his own TARDIS-sleigh that is "bigger on the inside".  Santa's traveling companions include two fairy sized "angels" and two CGI elves.

The movie has the stereotypical  "gotta save Christmas" plot, as the last real Santa is hunted down by the evil Waldemar Wicheteltod, "goblins" (they look human to me), and sinister nutcrackers.  Waldy wants to rid the world of all Santas and leave the gift giving to parents.  I don't know why, for peace and order?

If you have to fold laundry one night, or don't feel like moving or thinking, then give this movie a watch!

Creepmas 2016 Day 5: Galaxy Santa Covers

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Creepmas 2016 Day 3: Warpo Toys Don't Cuddle The Krampus

Sadly this Kickstarter project by Warpo Toys didn't quite make it.  At least we will forever have the commercial!

Creepmas 2016 Day 2: The Aquabats! Super Show! Christmas Special

I am very excited The Aquabats uploaded this full episode to their YouTube channel!  Merry Creepmas!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Creepmas 2016 Day 1: Mix Tape

Listen HERE. I hope this music gets you in the Creepsmas spirit. 


Side A

1. Nox Arcana - Vigil
2. BattleToads Arcade OST - Stage 2
3. Kidnap the Sandy Claws- KoRn Version
4. Edward Scissorhands - Ice Dance
5. Legend - Blue Room

Side B

1. Krampus - Karol of the Bells (Krampus Original Soundtrack)
2. Krampus - Dark Instrumental Christmas Music - Midnight Syndicate
3. Undertale OST - Snowdin Town Extended
4. Invader Zim - Christmas song (Bow down)
5. Current 93-A Day In Dogland

"Hidden" Tracks

The Residents - Santa Dog (1972)
The Residents - Santa Dog '78
The Residents - Santa Dog '88
The Residents - Santa Dog 2006