Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mason's Mail Madness: Diedre, The Queen of Trolls

Recently my friend Diedre sent me an awesome surprise pack out of the blue! It was jam packed full of my favorite kinds of toys. I met Diedre @trollsdolls on Instagram and I have yet to send some promised Trolls Dolls and other such toy goodness. (Watch your mail box, they'll be on their way soon!)

Let's dive right in and see what Diedre sent me!

Thank you for the little note, I love it. I'm also a cat person, how did you know?

First up, I found all these amazing prehistoric critters!

Eraser-like dinos! These were made by Russ, one of the companies that makes Troll Dolls. makes sense!
I remember owning that T-Rex when I was a kid. These are great!

Watch your tail there!

The rest of these critters are a complete mystery as to their origins, but they fit right into my little Jurassic Era landscape. 

From left to right: #116 Kinnikuman Soldier, #143 Black Knight, Ja-Ru USA Wrestling Team Figure?, #102 Mapman, #167 Black Rain

MUSCLE! I especially like the Black Knight and Mapman. I had a few MUSCLE as a kid, but they've all been lost. I'm happy to add these guys to me slowly growing collection. 

But wait, there's more!

Robo pencil topper guys! I have no clue as to their origins, but they sure are spectacular. Does anyone have any idea who these guys are? Gundam, Transformers, some kind of bootleg??? They're made of a rubbery substance. This may be a mystery for

From left to right: Flame, Jab, Bolt, Beak
I wasn't sure what these dudes were from at first, it took a little research. They're McDonald's toys from 1985, They're Pullback Runaway Robots! Just 2 shy of a complete set. I'll be tracking down Coil (in green)and Skull (in black). If anyone has them let me know, maybe we can work out a trade.

Naturally, Flame was drawn to my volcano.

Last but not least, Red Finger Puppet Monster!

This guy's great! Unlike my other finger puppet monsters, Red here actually fits on my finger comfortably, and he's made of a softer, squishier plastic too. True 80s magic, I would always save all my tickets at the arcade for these little goobers, I love 'em!

He also makes for a lovely hat!

Thank you Diedre! Every little toy you sent was spot on, true DI Treasures! Everyone, be sure to check out @trollsdolls on Instagram, you'll be glad you did!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Garage Sailing: What's the Scroop?

I found Mr. Scroop for a quarter this morning. Not a bad for a McDonald's Happy Meal toy.

Arguably one of the best Disney villans of all time, seeing as he's basically a giant evil space alien bug.

He even comes with a nice Clawful Punch play action!

Bad! Bad Scroop! Drop it!

WARNING: Scroop does not get along well with other toys, so keep him away from smaller toys. Other than that, he's a great addition to any space alien bug collection!

With just a little firm discipline, Mr. Scroop is harmless.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Frugal Friday: Glitching Out At The Goodwill

All in one go I acquired an entire collection of toys I didn't even know existed until I spotted them at my local Goodwill. They all came complete in box and at 69 cents a piece these were a no-brainer! Behold, The Original Glitches:

The packaging is great, nice and colorful. It really caught my eye. I was rummaging through all the toys and I just kept finding boxes, I couldn't believe it!

I love how each Glitch appears to be displayed on the computer monitor.

So there are 11 Glitches in all, plus our mighty hero Carlton. Did anyone else immediately think of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

Made in good old Salt Lake City, Utah. That's where I live!

Each figure even comes with his own little comic. Sweet!

Let's open these up, shall we.


Here's our "'Byte in Shining Armor' who helps defend USER in the battle against network Glitches". I think he's somehow related to Professor E Gadd. No socks, huge glasses, tie too long, sharp hair part, handsome devil.

The Glitches

Number Scruncher

 This guy's huge! I really like the looks of him, A+.

Head Crasher

Charlie Brown grew up to be a professional wrestler. He actually looks very happy.

File Eater
Looks like a frog eating chocolate bars. Yum!

Memory Masher

One of my favorites by far, he has a big gapping hole in his face! And that grin, cringe inducing!

Disk Infectant

He kinda looks like a wad of bubble gum, but I think he's maybe a rag or something?

Batch J Terminator

Armed to the teeth with a hunting knife and proton pack, this Glitchy menace is surprisingly mellow. Just don't mention his purple hair.

Punk Glitcher

This dude takes piercings to a whole new level. Don't mess.

Killer jacket!

He even has blue-spiked cleats. Now that's attention to detail!

Bad Commander

I love this guy! All around he's a cool figure that would mix beautifully with almost any toy collection. Just in time for Halloween.

Keyboard Uplocker

I like the red eyes and creepy smile.

Path Blocker

This is what you get when you force a giant poo monster into a small football uniform.

I'm not sure if the number 59 has any significance in the computer world.

So there you have it, my first ever complete collection of anything, amassed in one fell swoop! Have you ever seen these before? Who were your favorites? 


I completely forgot poor old General Failure! Talk about fail!

Well, here he is. Kind of the creepy uncle of the group. I have no idea what he's holding.


This is what computers looked like when these were released: