Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ava's First Halloween

We were all busy partying today, so I just threw together a bunch of pictures of what we did today on HALLOWEEN!

Homemade fry sauce.

Laura's "breakfast" in bed.


Ava loved her pumpkin goop!

But she loved here Reese's Peanut Butter Cups more. Just like her daddy!

Arctic Circle Pumpkin Shake!

The Arctic Circle Square Pumpkin Meal

The Square Pumpkin "toy" 

Finally got to play some of those awesome new tabletop games I picked up.

My little brother and his son Ezra with Ava and me.

That's all for tonight. I hope you all enjoyed this spooky holiday season. 

Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Want My Mummy!

Okay, this is the last one, I promise! It’s almost Halloween, and I just can’t get it off my brain, so this week’s challenge for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is… — Movie Monsters — REMEMBER!: The League is always open to new members! Got a blog? Write a post in response to the weekly challenge!
I've had mummies on the mind lately. It all started with this great Goodwill find. You see how I tied this right in with the League challenge?

So dang cool!

Included in a 2 dollar grab bag I found this magnificent Playmobil Mummy! Let's risk a deadly curse and take a peak inside.

Note the little scorpion friend inside.

Would ya look at that, my very own Playmobil skeleton! Something must've gone horribly wrong with the mummification process! What this mummy needs is a fresh mummy minion.

Rise my child!

What the crap!?
The newest Playmobil "mummy" is very strange, to say the least. He looks more like a bandaged up hospital patient. His staff looks like a crutch and his hands and feet don't even match his glow-in-the-dark face. He looks like he choked to death. Perhaps his neck brace was a little too tight.

The new mummy head works rather well for custom figures.

I really wish I had some LEGO Adventurers Desert Expedition or Pharaoh's Quest sets, but I don't have a single LEGO mummy!

After I found this mummy of a find, I really wanted to watch the original 1932 classic, The Mummy. I was delighted to find it is on Netflix. If you haven't seen it and you have Netflix then watch it tonight, it's great!

Look at Karloff's creepy Mummy mug! (Source)
This Halloween we're having a movie mummy marathon. My brother owns copies of all the Brendan Fraser Mummy movies, which are loosely based on the original classic. I know they're totally corny, but that's why we love them so much! I remember watching the Mummy Returns at the dollar theater with my brother and my friend Landon and busting out laughing at the sight of that ridiculous dirigible! I also love when The Rock turns into a giant scorpion. After his transformation he strikes a pose with his signature eyebrow raise. Pure cheese!

Now go check out what other Leaguers are bloggin' about:

Grey talks about his favorite creature, the Creature, at Achievements In Gaming.

Erik Johnson, Illustrator extraordinaire, sketches up a Killer Croc inspired Jason!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SLIMUNION, With Slimeaway Prizes! What!?

So, if you've been following along with the D.I. Treasures Halloween Blogathon, then you may remember the arrival of Joe Eyeball and his 2 traveling companions. They were a thoughtful gift graciously sent by Eric of Toyriffic! As you know, I promised a heart touching SLIMUNION, with glow-in-the-dark action to boot. Of course I totally procrastinated and I can't believe Halloween is only 1 day away! Well, I'm sad to report that the glow-in-the-dark part of this whole reunion has been put on hiatus. I have been putting it off in hopes to get it right, but I just don't have the right equipment to pull it off, but the SLIMUNION must go on! I am hoping to have what I need by Creepsmas, so be on the look out then for the SLUMUNION II (Glowy Glow Edition). Until then, I bring you the Broad Daylight SLIMUNION party of Muck Man and Joe Eyeball!

A very generous co-worker gave me this eyeball machine as a Halloween present!

Since Joe arrived a few weeks ago I noticed a little detail that I hadn't before. There's an eyeball at the end of his tail, HA!

(From left to right): Slimer, Blobby, LEGO ghost costume, Pumpkin PEZ, Screwloose, Bat PEZ, Muck Man, Witch PEZ, Joe Eyeball, Biting Bulldog Buddy, Jack-O-Lantern PEZ, "Mummy", Gak Alien, Grimm Reaper, Ghost Pirate
Several of the party guests that attended the SLIMUNION have some glow-in-the-dark feature including all the new PEZ dispensers, the Playmobil monsters, and the LEGO ghost costume.

This may be the most disgustingly cute thing I've ever seen in my life!
 BBB was NOT happy about his paws getting slimy! Screwloose totally lost it! He felt like he was trapped on some fly paper.

It ain't Gak, but it's close enough!

Awwwwww, BFFs!
There you have it! Muck Man and Joe Eyeball are finally reunited!

And now, for the promised Slimeaway prizes! The rules to winning are simple:

First, enter to win by commenting below! Tell us about your best/worst slime related memory and tell us what kind of slime you want and what you plan to do with it. 

There are 3 prizes, the glow-in-the-dark green, glow-in-the-dark red, and tar colored Barrels-O-Slime

The First Place Winner gets to choose which barrel they want out of the 3. 
The Second Place Winner gets to choose between the 2 remaining barrels.
And The Third Place Winner gets the last Barrel-O-Slime!

That's all for tonight folks! I hope you enjoyed this humble SLIMUNION party. Have fun commenting and good luck!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Misery: Pac-Man, Devourer Of Souls

Of all my favorite Halloween monsters ghosts are my number one. Combine that with my love of video games and it's no wonder I love Pac-Man. Fun fact, a lot of people don't realize this, but in a way Pac-Man was the 1st survival horror video game; and Creepypasta explains best just how horrifying this game is. Now, throw in my love of cartoons and we have a winner with Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures!

That's right, there's a new Pac-Man cartoon, and it's on the Disney Channel? How did I not know about this until now? I love Pac-Man and I still remember the first time I pumped quarters into a Pac-Man arcade machine, instant love! So, let's take a look at this ghostly toon.

It always amazes me how even the simplest of video games got a cartoon. I mean seriously, a Pac-Man cartoon!? There isn't exactly much of a story there! Most video game cartoons are just awful (we all remember The Legend of Zelda cartoon and the infamous "Excuuuuse me, princess!" catch phrase) but at least they're good for a laugh. Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures is no exception to the terrible video game cartoon rule. It's so-so story wise and kind of painful to watch, but I really like how they've characterized and differentiated the 4 original Pac-Man Ghosts, they look great. 

I don't know why, but there's a huge, barfing Pac-Man toy based on the new cartoon. Does this make any sense to anyone?

The Micro Figures and Gooage toys based on the cartoon look interesting, but they seem to be seriously skimping on the ghosts everywhere. I would like to see less Pac-Man figures and more of Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. The Basic Figures look nice, but there is not one single ghost amongst the Basic Figures! What the crap!? I don't care about Pac-Man and his lame friends, give me more ghosts! Come on BANDAI!

The 80s version of Pac-Man. Just, wow. I love it!

Has anyone seen the new Pac-Man toys in stores yet?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Reflections: Is Halloween a Satanic Ritual?

LeVeyan Satanism: Source

Halloween's nearly here and I'm so excited! But, for a Christian man, is Halloween something I should even be excited about? Some say Halloween is an all out freakfest for Beelzebub himself and that we should stay indoors and pray for deliverance. I myself never understood the argument that Halloween is evil. Kids dressing up as their favorite characters and asking for free candy. What is so evil about that? It's not like we go around performing hexing rituals or something. 

For me Halloween is about facing our fears, enjoying the rush if being scared, and sharing in the fun with all the neighborhood. There are several homes we'd never visit were it not for Halloween!

I believe Hank Hill put it best whilst arguing the point with Junie in the King Of The Hill Halloween episode "Hilloween".

JUNIE: You'll go to hell!
HANK: You'll get candy!
JUNIE: Hell!
HANK: Candy!
JUNIE: Hell!
HANK: Candy!
BOBBY: Stop! I don't care about candy! I just want to be with my dad.

BOBBY: Hey, Dad, I was just kidding before. I care about candy. I care a whole lot.

What do you think? Will I go to heck if I celebrate Halloween? Or will just have lots of fun and enjoy some candy? And where the heck did Halloween come from anyway?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Dusty and Jerica's Collection: Putrid PEZ and Poisen Pogs

My sister-in-law Jerica (yes, her name is Jerica, just like Jerica from Jem and The Holograms!) is quite the collector, and with it being Halloween n' all I thought I'd share with you some spooky members of her PEZ and Pog collection.
 First off we have this awesome scarecrow guy! He looks like a perfect mix between a scarecrow, a jack-o-lantern, and Pinocchio! I like the green body too. Pretty dang neat!
 Then there's Mike Wazowski of Pixar's Monster's Inc. Man I love that movie! That ending still makes me shed a little tear every time! :.) I still haven't seen Monsters University.
 Jerica also has these amazingly awesome Mini PEZ bugs! I didn't even know there was such a thing as Mini PEZ! I really like the caterpillar, he's pretty choice. And oh my gosh, the eyes on the pink bug! 
Dude, the queen bee here looks so somber. So doesn't mess around!
Speaking of eyes, check this bug out! The bee eyes are just amazing!

Now, Jerica was smart enough to actually save all her Pogs, unlike myself. Let's have a look at all her poison Pogs!


 Dude, Pogs! Gotta love 'em! I remember the poison Pogs most of all. Before every match everyone would have to set the rules straight, no 8-balls, Poisons, OJ 32s, or any other crap like that! If I recall correctly, if you're playing a Pog match and you flip over someones poison, then they get the whole stack, hands down. How lame is that!? I lost a lot of Pogs that way. I swear kids just made up rules as they went along so they could accumulate more Pogs! Those jerks!

I've got me eye on this one!

This Pog here is pretty cool! It's not your typical, perfectly round shape. Pretty niffty!

Z-Bots Pog!
 Smart thinking saving your Pogs Jerica! Now you can save them for future generations to gawk at. Thanks for letting me share some of your awesome Pogs with everyone!

I like the cover of RE0.

Last up, I just wanted to share these books from my brother Dusty's collection, Resident Evil Novelizations! I borrowed RE0 several years ago with the intent of reading it, but it never happened. You know how it is trying to find time to read stuff. If the novelizations are anything like the games, then the first, classic Resident Evil is the best of the 2. Thanks for letting me borrow these bro and for letting me share them with the world!

And let's not forget the awesome GPK Chrome Pack that Dusty got me just because! Thanks again Dusty!

Here they are in all their chrome glory! I think Thorny Barb is my favorite

Oh man, I'm totally saving this TV card for Thanksgiving! Sorry guys, no football today, we're watching M.T.V. Here, lemme just cranked that up a bit. Feel free to dance along guys. Hey, could you pass the gravy please?

Bahahaha! I hope I'm not this bad!
This Cheapskate License cracked me up. I totally wanna join the "TIGHT-WAD ASSOC.", Ha!

That's it for today kidos. Halloween is almost upon us, so don't forget to get a costume ready pronto! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Freudian Friday: The Ouija Board Alternative

Need answers to life's big questions? Are you searching for that special someone but don't know where to look? Don't go messing with Ouija boards to find the answer! Evil spirits are dangerous and want to eat your soul, and besides, Satan is the Prince of All Lies people! What makes you think he'll be telling you the truth about your future? And, it seems like whenever people play with Ouija boards someone's little brother always dies or something. Don't go messing with devils, use science! Because science never hurt anyone, right?

So cool!

Yet another amazing board game find! Kreskin's ESP circa 1967. I picked this puppy up for just $1 at a garage sale! This game caught my eye right away. Just look at the guy on the cover! It's like he hypnotized me into buying this awesome game, though that wouldn't be at all necessary! 


Trippy as heck! I love it!

The cards totally remind me of that scene from Ghostbusters.

Am I doing this right?

Look at all this!

As I opened the box I just kept finding more and more stuff like game cards, instructions, score cards, the main board, and game cards for travel, LOVE, Finance, and career!

Here's how the pendulum works.

I still can't get it to work for me.

So the main idea of the game is to utilize your natural ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) in order to answer those burning questions in your life. I don't know if you can really "win".

The 4 areas of testing.

I haven't had a chance to test this out with a group yet, so I have yet to combine my brain waves with others. With this and the Goosebumps Game (and yet another game I have yet to blog about soon) we're gearin' up for one heck of a game night!

Do you believe in ESP? Or is it all just a bunch of pseudoscience?