Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oh my, Pocket God!

I snatched these cool Pocket God vinyl "Mysterio Minis" figures today. They're even in the box and factory sealed!

I've never played the app game Pocket God that these little guys are from. Pocket God was the big thing before Angry Birds. It looks pretty fun. You are essentially the god of an island of villagers. You feed them to sharks, strike them with lightening, etc. The game's definitely worth checking out.

I'm considering leaving these sealed and giving them as gifts. I wonder which figures I got though. I'm so tempted to take a peek. Should I just open them and keep 'em?

3 Pocket Gods Vinyl Figures Mysterio Minis (sealed in package)

Cost: 75 cents each

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Brain Teaser

My wife and I went to Kid To Kid (a used baby goods store). Needless to say I was a little bored, so I wandered over to the toy section. Sometimes they have things that aren't too lame. I found this "Brain Teaser Puzzle". Looks interesting, I think I'll put it on my desk. I don't dare take it apart though, because I stink at puzzles.

Total cost: 99 cents, plus tax

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Curbside Treasures!

I found this old desk drawer on the curb and it called out to me instantly! I knew it would make a great display case just by looking at it. The funny thing was the previous owner had used it as a display case, so I didn't need to add any hardware in order to hang it because they had already added hooks to the back! However, it needed a serious paint job so I sprayed it with some white pray paint. NEVER AGAIN will I spray paint, it was a horrible experience. Never spray paint while wearing flip-flops. At least it looks at half-way decent now.

I also found a practically brand new Scrabble box! I love Scrabble, even though I don't really play the game much anymore. I like to use the wooden stands and letter tiles to leave little cutsie notes for my wife. They're also great for little craft projects. I can't believe people throw this stuff away! I should make a list of treasures and have people send them my way, instead of throwing them away! That's actually not a bad idea, I think I may do that. Perhaps a future post.

Desk Drawer/Display Case & Scrabble
Total Cost: FREE!