Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DI Treasures Heads in a New Direction

Good morrow dear readers! I, the DI Treasurer have decided to turn things around here. As I start a new business venture it has become abundantly clear that I am just too old for all this toy nonsense. As of this Saturday I will be selling every last scarp of toy refuse for cheap at our Grand Family Garage Sale Extravaganza. Every last LEGO brick, plush creature, video game console, and action figure must go! It's just way to distracting and isn't compatible with running an enterprise! 

Just look how ridiculous I look. So unprofessional!

From now on I will feature only bargain dress clothes and blazers found at my local DI. I may also feature the occasional piece of office equipment as well as offer sound and affordable business advice. So mark your calendars and be ready to earn millions (of dollars) and forget all those silly toys! [They're only worth the money you can get for them on eBay]