Friday, March 27, 2015

Army Men vs Cavemen (vs Realistic Dinosaurs)

Another recent tube o' figs released by Imperial, it's Army Men vs Cavemen! 

The army men are the plain old green army men we all know and love, nothing to get excited about.  The cavemen on the other hand are pretty neat.

The first Olympic runner and the first trained parrot on the right guy's shoulder.

Little plastic cavemen figures just wouldn't be complete without one thing, you gussed it, Realistic Dinosaurs!

4 of these "dinosaurs" look familiar. Do you know which ones?

Prehistoric Lizard Man! Very intelligent creature, still no match against the sheer determination of ancient man!

The Bulette! This vicious beast, also known as a "land shark", is said to still lie hidden beneath the earth's crust. Some say this creature inspired the hit movie Tremors. The creature was also used in the game Dungeons & Dragons.

Everyone knows that dragons are decedent of the dinosaurs! Back then these 2 terrible wurms guarded natural caches of precious gems. Millennia later they went on to wage battle in The Great War Of The Sword & The Sorcerer.

Check Your local Rite-Aid for a pack of "Realistic Dinosaurs" and anywhere they sell Imperial toys for the Cavemen. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mason's Micro World

Recently I have been trading toys quite a bit on Instagram and it's been great! One problem I have run into however is I collect such a variety of toys form dozens of toy lines and I often forget what it is I am hunting for. Whenever I'm setting up a trade people ask me what it is I collect, naturally. I always have to rack my brain and throw out a few brands and toy lines I like. So, I decided to start making a list and it was getting a little long.

Then I remembered an old list of micro playset toy lines I jotted down a while back. You know the type, Micro Machines, Mighty Max, Polly Pocket, stuff like that. There are so dang many micro toy lines that the list was even longer than my list of favorite toy lines! When I first made the list I considered making a blog dedicated to just micro play sets, but never got around to it. Well, now I have figured out how to create categorial post tabs in Blogger and my micro world journey has begun! If you're a micro toy fan check out Micro Macabre Mason's Micro World sometime.

I plan to create a categorial list o' toys I collect here on DI Treasures soon, so watch out for that as well.

Monday, March 16, 2015

My Blog's Ultimate Mix Tape! (a re-stolen idea)

Derek over at Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks recently posted his blog as a mix tape. He explained:

"So back in May of last year, Steph over at Nerdjoy posted something awesome (she does this a LOT actually, so be sure to check out the rest of her blog too... but this particular instance informs the post you are about to read, so I'm singling that one out). She answered the question above [What would you're blog sound like if it was a mix tape?]. It was a question originally posited by Joie Fatale over at the Confessions of a Book Pimp blog, but it was through Steph that I discovered the idea."

I thought is was such an awesome idea that I instantly wanted to steal the idea as well! Below is the DIT Ultimate Mix tape, with links to YouTube videos for your listening pleasure! Just click on the song. Enjoy!

Side A
1 Playdough by The Aquabats 
3 Experimental Film by They Might Be Giants
5 Suitwalk by John Swihart 
Side B
1 Dr. Who theme by Ron Grainer (Tom Baker 1974-1981)
2 8-Bit Cosmos by Bop
3 Ghostbusters theme song by Ray Parker Jr.
4 Ecce Homo Qui Est Faba composed by Howard Goodall
5 The Tape of Love by the Flight of the Concords

Honorable Mentions Mix:

Side A
1 Coraline theme by The Chidlren's Choir of Neice
Peewee’s Big Adventure Theme by Danny Elfman
Pool Party by The Aquabats
Pizza Day by The Aquabats
We're Going To Be Friends by The White Stripes

Side B
Dare To Be Stupid by Weird Al
3 Robot Rock by Daft Punk
4 Inside The Deku Tree by Koji Kondo
The Oh of Pleasure by Ray Lynch

Monday, March 9, 2015

Man Crate's Retro Gaming Crate: Nostalgia Overload!

I was recently contacted by the good peoples of They read an old post of mine from Count Down to Halloween 2014, the Boss's Day post  where I celebrated Boss's Day by listing my top 10 favorite Halloween worthy video game bosses of all time. It really took them back to the good old days, so they asked if I would be willing to share some sweet nostalgic video game memories. It's not Nintendo Month yet, but I never turn down an opportunity to talk gaming!

I could go on forever about games of yesteryear, but I want to really focus on the one game that started it all, a game that everyone but the oldest and crankiest have at least tried playing for a few minutes. I'm talking about that legendary 3-in-1, Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet, ah yeah!

I can, will, and have beaten you Nintendo! HA!

My brother and I played the crap out of that game! The game came with the Nintendo Entertainment System and it was the most amazing thing ever! Beating Super Mario Brothers was one of the greatest accomplishments of my 6 year-old life! I beat that beast without warping, cuz that's cheating sucker! Of course there was no way to save your progress, so if you died, that was it, you're starting over! I can't tell you how many times I would pause the game and turn of the TV only to come back and find out my Mom had turn it off. NOOOOOOOO! 

 "End of the line. Moment of truth. Eighth level of Mario Brothers!"
-Ernest P. Worrell, Ernest Scared Stupid

Duck Hunt was amazing, we all know it! The game was totally ingenious, even though I totally cheated by putting the Zapper right up to the screen, just to just that dog up! 


I still can't believe that brought that little stinker back in Super Smash Bros. 4! Everyone was to shoot that dog, he's the ultimate troll character!

Then there was that amAZing Clay Shooting game! Okay, I admit that was kind of boring, but i still played for hours!

And holy CRAP, World Class Track Meet!!! I miss that game so much! The game came with running pad...A FREAKING POWER PAD PEOPLE! I discovered that the track pad could be used for other games too! Of course there was no D-pad, so the novelty soon wore off, but still! We cheated a lot when it came to the long jump, but we didn't use our hands when it came to running. I became a pro at the "twinkle toes" technique, I was a blur! I kicked Cheetah's butt!

Watch as this random dude in a college dorm room demonstrates the twinkle toes technique as he races against Cheetah. Truly captivating!

One of my greatest regrets was selling the NES running pad along with all our other NES stuff. It was a dark day.

The Man Crate Retro Crate!!!

I was recently introduced to Man Crate, which has some seriously sweet stuff, but the Retro Box by far takes the cake! Just look at it!


The NES was the best gaming console ever!

If I could choose the random NES games that come with the crate I would pick Bandai's Family Fitness Stadium Events and the Nintendo World Championships Gold cartridge, for obvious reasons.

The candy selection is rather nice, but I would change a few things:
-Retro Nintendo PEZ instead of a modern dispenser
-Nintendo and/or Atari candy tins
-I would trade out the Mike & Ikes, Bottle Caps, Now and Laters, and Jaw Busters for Starbursts, Airheads, Skittles, and Jolly Ranchers 
-Some Nintendo toys and/or plushies thrown in for good measure

Go check out the Retro Gamer Crate, Super Retro Gamer Crate and the rest of their cool gifts!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Creepy Crawlers, Goop Wanted!

This is perhaps off topic from this months theme, but I can't wait any longer to share.

I finally visited the Sandy City DI again after what feels like years. All of my greatest hauls have been found at the Sandy DI and it's the DI I grew up with. So, before ado is in any way furthered, behold....(cue theme song)


Gotta love that box art!

WHAT, 3 dollars!? That literally costs less than my bull cut and my turtle neck combined!

The first 2 molds included in the box are from the Incredible Intersects mold set, including the Crustachipeed, Protoslug, Arachydite, and Arachyrang.

The other 2 molds include you classic, run of the mill Creepies. These are the only ones I ever remember making as a kid.

I absolutely love the colors on this oven! Pure 90's magic.

The bulb is still good!

List of reasons these aren't made anymore.

This coupon is still good!

The only thing I am missing is some good old goop. According to my research (Google) there are 2 main sources of goop currently:                Dr. Goop and Patti-Goop.

Frank at had the foresight to save his Creepies, whereas I lost every last one.

The last and final ingredient I need is some goop. Does anyone have some goop lurking in their closets that they'd like to send? I'll make some Creepies for you if you send some! The same goes for spare metal molds.

Did you ever make Creepies as a kid? Do you still have them? Which ones are your favorites?

March Madness: Plastic Army Men Month

It's time again for a new monthly theme, and what better theme than Plastic Army Men for March? I will be posting about all my favorite little plastic toys with 0 points of articulation! Where would we be without these cheap little toys? It boggles the mind just to think it! 

So don't watch college basketball this month, instead nerd out over little plastic toys, like MUSCLE, OMFG, 80s and 90s PVC figures, Trashies, Creepies, and more!