Thursday, October 30, 2014

Creepy Cruisers X & XI: The Thunderbat and Monsters, Inc. Funny Cars

My Dad found some sweet die cast funny cars for cheap at the DI and kindly donated them to DI Treasures! Thanks Dad!

Now obviously these don't all qualify as Creepy Cruisers, but I just wanted to show them all off.

First off we have Billy Elliot's NASCAR Thunderbat produced by Racing Champions, Inc. Maybe I'm a brain-dead victim of advertising, but one thing I love about funny cars are all the brand names crammed into one location! Coca-Cola, Amoco, McDonald's, Reese's, Snap-On, Batman Forever, True Value, NASCAR, 76 gasoline, Goodyear, Ford, and a few more that are so small I can't quite make them out. 


Next we have Terry Labonte's Monte Carlo, a 2001 Kellog's cereal box prize.

There aren't nearly as many subliminal ads on this car, but we do get Kellog's, Pixar's Monsters, Inc., NASCAR, Good Year, Quaker State, GMAC, & Hendrick.

As you can probably tell most diecast cereal box toys do usually come with a few stickers, but the opening hood almost makes up for that! The quality is even lower than The Thunderbat. I don't know who Kellog's hired to produce this car, but I belive it is Action brand. It's definitely not a Hot Wheel car, but still rather cool anyways!

And lastly we have a true Hot Wheels Albertson's big rig!

The Albertson's truck holds a special place in my heart since my first real job was being a bag boy for Albertson's, "it's your store!". I still remember wearing those lame uniforms with images of bagged groceries tipping over. Oh how far I have come! I didn't even know Mattel produced an Albertson's Hot Wheel truck. It's a pretty cool little momento!

We can all pretend that this truck has a load of Halloween tricks and treats, so it totally qualifies as a Creepy Cruiser. All the Albertson's stores in Utah were bought out by Associated Food Stores a few years back and rebranded as Associated Fresh Market, so I don't really remember the extent of Albertson's Halloween selection, but I think it was fairly decent. 

Did you buy any Halloween essentials from Albertson's lately? Does anyone else have one of the semi-rare brand name big rigs produced by Mattel? What's so funny about funny cars?

Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Talking Watermelon

A few years back my brother-in-law and his friend Luke brought life to a late season watermelon. Thus was born The Talking Watermelon. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Real Life Mothra!

It really is beautiful.

I splurged a bit on this one. I found it in the collectibles section of the DI for $8. If you caught the Wicked Wants post or the Creepy Crawlers post, then you know I'm a big fan of bugs. They're just so gross and cool and misunderstood. As a kid I had a nice bug collection, but it eventually turned to dust because it wasn't preserved properly. It was kinda, sorta eatin' by critters.

Well, enough about me and more about this here moth. It is an "Attacus Atlas Moth (M)", pretty neat! My Dad pointed out that it is the largest moth in the world, with relation to wingspan. So, this is the closest thing to a real life Mothra. Cool!

Real Life Mothra [Attacus Atlas Moth (M)]
Cost: $8

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Unintentionally Scary Commercials

What the HECK Sony!? What is up with your creepy Playstation commercials!? Nintendo doesn't do this kind of crap!

Okay, maybe Nintendo slipped up just once. The Duck Hunt dog is PURE EVIL!

What did I just watch!? No more chocolate for me!

Just what the crap was McDonald's thinking with these commercials!? The second one is straight out of Stephen King's IT!

Man clowns are creepy!


Howdy Doody scares the crap out of me! I still have vivid memories of a horrible nightmare I had where that evil puppet was trying to kill me. His head was much larger than usual and he would just float there in the air. Luckily I was able to defeat this evil puppet and make his head explode into a million pieces!

I blame Goosebumps Night of The Living Dummy series for my fear of dummies.

I would never trust that doll in my house!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Cards #4: Swimming with Creature Feature

Capitol City Antique Mall is one of my new favorite places. There is plenty of overpriced junk, sure, but there is also tons if underpriced junk, like this Creature Feature card!

The cards are of a cardboard-like material. I hadn't encountered them before now, so I did a bit of research (I googled it). Produced in 1973 by Topps, Creature Feature cards came with "1 stick gum plus picture cards". The cards are so hilarious that "you'll die laughing". I dang near peed myself from laughter when I read the above ghost joke!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Dr. Mason

This was Halloween in the 80s.

From left to right: Mom, my cousin Count Matthew, Dr. Mason, and my brother Dusty Bones.

This year I will be reliving my Doctor costume. I work for an insurance agency and for this year's Halloween theme we have decided to go with is The Affordable Care Act, It's Scarier Than Halloween. I hope to whip up something more on the scary side, Awful Hospital style. There's only about a week left before Halloween, so I better hurry!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ava's Halloween Table

Sometimes I forget that Halloween isn't just for grown-ups to feel like a kid again. It's also for kids for feel like kids now! So I whipped up this Halloween mood table for our cute little roaming house goblin. Check it out!

Centrally located at the end of the main hall, it's equipped with everything a little 22 month old girl could ever want for Halloween! 

On the top shelf (the only one Ava can't reach) we've displayed our toilet paper inner tube monster creations! Daddy used a paper towel roll and Mummy made the two on the ends. Ava made the one in between the Daddy Monster and Mommy Monster.

Halloween Hello Kitty, gift from family last year.

These 2 mini plushies are Arctic Circle Halloween kids meal toys from the 90s. There was also a Goblin and I other creature, but who knows where they are now. They also used to come with little hiding places. The cat came in a tree, the ghost came in a paper sack and I can't remember what the other 2 came in. If you ever see these second hand SNATCH THEM UP! They super rare and I would be interested in completing the collection again. I can't find any info online on these guys.

The infamous Beanie Baby Hambeargler is chillin' next to the haunted house. I passed on him once before, but I saw this one for a quarter, so I thought "what the heck"!

I'm glad Ava now has a little Halloween spook alley all her very own. Remember, Halloween is for kids!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trick And Ye Shall Be Treated

(The following post has been sitting in my drafts box for a year now! If you're a blogger you can probably relate.)

It's amazing how much stuff people will just give you when you merely mention that you love Halloween and toys and such. So, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the kind and generous souls that gave me all this sweet stuff!

A few weeks ago a coworker of mine, Angie, gave me all of her old Halloween decorations! I showed a few of the things that were included in the bin of macabre decor. I finally got around to decorating our front porch with the string lights. I think it looks pretty good.

Poor Donkey is missing an ear.

Another coworker, Laurie, gave me this sweet Shrek themed gumball machine! I love that it's not the usual red, it's a beautiful Shrek-green color. It's metal and plastic and it really takes quarters too! I filled it with peanut butter chocolate eyeballs.

I like Shrek n' all, but I kinda like the look with out the figures on top

Yet another coworker, Jeff, gave me this trio of Final Fantasy figures by Bandai.

Quistis Trepe, Squall Leonhart, and Seifer Almasy from Final Fantasy VIII


Monday, October 20, 2014

Creepy Cruisers V: Gangster Grin comes out at night

Introducing Gangster Grin! This ethereal vehicle looks fantastic. I was able to capture some blurry, black & white photographic evidence of its existence!

By reversing the polarity I was able to retrieve these fantastic pictures:

Spooky, huh?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Creepy Cruisers IV: Fall Colors Ecto-1

Not as cool as the Slimer version, but still very cool. I love the ectoplasm green tinted windows, sparkly orange paint, and shiny golden underbelly.

The orange paint has a hint of sparkle in it. I really like the green jack-o-lantern Hot Wheels seal.

The Ghostbusters symbol looks nice in green.

Later after dinner I discovered that all the equipment on top is easily removed revealing a secret sunroof! Stored away inside there are 4 proton packs!

If you look carefully you can see what looks like a ghost trap on top of the ladder.

So there you have it, Halloween Hot Wheels 2014 car #1. Cars #2-5 will be revealed later this week. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sweetest Day

Peanuts are not candy unless they're in butter form and inside a chocolate cup.

We're about halfway to Halloween, and Columbus Day and Boss's Day are over, it must be Sweetest Day. Thanks to my calendar that is hanging on my cubicle wall i have discovered all sorts of made up holidays and if there's one thing I love it's holidays. Technically, there's a crazy made up holiday for every day of the year, but if it makes it onto a calendar that has to count for something.

My wife and I decided to celebrate Sweetest Day with a trip to The Sweet Tooth Fairy. You may recognize them from Cupcake Wars. (Maybe you don't watch baking reality shows, but if you're a candy freak like myself you probably watch Cake Boss too) Their cupcakes are AMAZING! We especially liked the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cupcakes. Sadly they were out of the Twix cupcakes, so I got a Salted Carmel Witch's Hat. It was a good date night.

Speaking of sweets, I wanted to discuss a classic Countdown to Halloween topic, Trick or Treat candy; the good, the bad, and the inedible. For me, Reese's Peanutbutter Cups are number one, hands down. The worst has to be Circus Peanuts and the more recent Candy Corn Circus Peanuts, an unholy combination of my two least favorite Halloween confections.

What do you think? What's the worst candy or other items have you received? What's your favorite Halloween treat? Tell me in the comments below!