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I have a varied collection of crazy stuff, from preserved frog purses from the Philippines to old X-Men trading cards from the 90s. You never know what you might find in my collection! So, if you have something on my wish list that you are willing to trade for, then let me know what you want and I'll see what I have. Here's a general overview of some things I own.

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Stuff I have (that I might trade):
The Real Ghostbusters 
GI Joe

New Series GPK
New Series Wacky Packages
Pokemon trading cards
Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards
DC, Marvel, and more

Sci-fi and fantasy books
A green, metal gumball machine (with gumballs)
Video Games galore
holiday decorations and knick knacks

Home Decor
I've been following several design blogs lately and I'm amazed at all of the handy repurposing projects out there! I wanna try my hand at this thrifty pass time. Here's what I'm looking to snatch up cheap and rebeautify (using mostly a butt load of paint).
metal filing cabinets
bird cages
light fixtures
fabrics, sheets, table clothes, etc.
outdated technology (old SEGA tapes make great coasters)
crates of all types
wooden pallets
jars, bottles, vases, plates, and glassware
old books, comic books, flash cards, and others papers

I'm pretty good at drawing, probably the best that I know of.
and tons more!!!

Mason’s Hunt List:
A Toy Trader’s Guide

1. Building Toys
Anything LEGO, bootlegs & customs, weapons from knockoff lines Mega Blocks, K’Nex, Fisher Price Construx (Space theme), etc.

2. Micro Toys
Bluebird’s Mighty Max, Polly Pocket, Micro Machines, etc.

3. Bendy Toys
Bendos by Kid’s Galaxy, Other World, Outer Terrestrial Creatures, and other bendy toys

4. Anthropomorphic Action Figures
TMNT, Bucky O’Hare, Biker Mice From Mars, Street Sharks, Toxic Avengers, Captain Planet, Food Fighters, Barnyard Commandos, Creepy Crawlers, etc.

5a. Fantasy Action Figures
MOTU, Remco, Sungold, Imperial’s rubber monsters, Fleetwood’s The Sword & The Sorcerer, D&D, etc.

5b. Sci-Fi Action Figures
X-Files, Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, BTTF, etc.

6. Troll Dolls
Battle Trolls, Gem Warriors, Troll Force, Trash Can Trolls, DAM, Norfin, etc.

7. “Baby” Toys
Playmobil & Fisher Price (Little People, Action People, & Imaginext)

8. Articulated Minifigures
Micro Machine Z-Bots, Hasbro Battle Beasts, etc.

9. Transforming Stuff
McDonald’s Transformables, Rock Lords, G-1 Transformers, bootlegs & knockoffs, etc.

10. Select Fast Food Toys
All the good stuff from and related to McDonald’s, Burger King, Hardee’s, etc.

11. Non-Articulated Minifigures & Vending Machine Oddities
GPK Cheap Toys & Minikins, Trash Pack, Crashlings, The Trashbag Bunch, Rot Zombies & Rot Monsters, Vending Machine oddities, MUSCLE, MIMP, Army Men style figures, etc.

12. Die Cast Cars
Hotwheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, etc.

Toons, TV, & Movie Toys
The Real Ghostbusters, Filmation’s Ghostbusters, Mutant League, Galaxy Warriors, He-Man, Aliens, Terminator, James Bond 007, etc.

Weird Sports Equipment
Madballs style balls (footballs, paddle balls, baseballs, baseball bats, knockoffs & bootlegs), vintage yo-yo, marbles, and jacks.

My Pet Monster

Novelty Candies
PEZ, Candy Heads, etc.

Trading Cards
GPK, Mars Attacks, Dinosaurs Attack, Wacky Packages, Trash Can Trolls, etc.

18. Video Games
Nintendo, SEGA, Playstation, Atari, etc.

Themes I like:
Skeletons, Bugs, Monsters, Aliens, Robots, Halloween & other Holidays


Outer Space Men (Colorform, 1968)
Major Matt Mason (Mattel, 1966)
Speclatron, Dethlor (S&T Sales, 1983)
Skull Force (Toys N’ Things, 1980)
Underworld Warriors (1985)
Nightmare Warriors (MTC, 1983)
Shogun Warriors

Nintendo Trophy Figures (1988)

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