Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sunday Reflections: Selling Out

I have too many toys, I am dirt poor, out of shape and have little time. It's time for The Great eBay Purge. NOTHING is off limits, I will sell anything from my collection. From now on my posts will feature items for sale on my eBay account with links to the item up for auction. NO RESERVES! I hate when people start an auction at 1 penny and have a reserve, that's playing dirty! If you have any questions on an auction you can post a comment on the blog post or ask me via eBay message.

I have the nice fancy pictures of all my awesome toys, now it's time to let them go to a new home, for a nominal fee of course. In the mean time I will be working on my six pack abs and getting ready for a half marathon that I signed up for. I should be in peak shape and looking like Bruce Lee within a year.

Also, since I hate to resource to eBay, I will consider offers before I post to FeeBay.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

PEZ Month!!!

So yesterday I posted a totally lame April Fool's Day post about how I hate toys now and it's time to grow up and blah blah blah. Like that's ever going to happen! 

In reality I have decided to go with a candy theme this month, because Easter. PEZ, candy heads, rock hard bubble gum, and all that stuff that made inedible candy bearable, the cheap novelty candy toy!

So, to start things off, I'd like to talk about this guy.

"Red Fella" I think he's a bull.

He pops open so you can jam a roll of Lifesavers in his middle!

This is "Red Fella" of the Life Savers Freaky Fellas Funsters. He was one of a set of four offered by the Burger King's Kid Club in 1991. I live for this kind of weird, cheap toy! 

The other toys included Green (Monster) Fella, Yellow (Lion) Fella, and Blue (Monster) Fella. Who knows why they included 2 animals and 2 monsters. I would have gone all monsters, but at least the Red Bull is pretty freaky looking!

Have you ever come across these Freaky Fellas? Do you like Lifesavers? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April is Grown Up Month!

As some of you may know I now have a son! He's a handsome little guy.

(Say hello to Milen. He's our cute little frogy.)

Adding to our family has me thinking more about my role as a father. I have struggled with this sick addiction to children's playthings my whole life and now that I have 2 kiddos to look after I think it's about high time I kick the habit! 

Video games, toys, trading cards, board games, all that baby stuff has to go! It has no redeeming value! This month I will chronicle my road to recovery as I purge myself of foolish diversions and focus more on things like 401Ks and mindless, secure office work. 

Don't worry, I won't shut out toys completely. I will still collect toys at bargain deals in order to flip them on eBay, as long as the profit margins are large enough to justify the footwork. For the most part though I won't waste my time with such drivel.

Real men don't play with toys, babies do. I know, we have 2 babies now.

Join me on the road to adulthood, where D&D meet ups are replaced by sports, politics, dinner parties, and career advancement! If you wear a T-shirt to work then you really need to get a real job!

Leave the playing to kids, it's time to stop playing and start living!

What do you think about this month's theme? Let me know in the comments below!