Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Collect Them All!

What do you look for in collectibles? 

I used to collect just about anything and everything under that sun that struck my fancy, but I had to limit myself, as my collection was getting out of hand. Some may recall an earlier post where I narrowed down my collection to a top 10 list. My list has 1 underlying theme, SPACE! I do also enjoy Halloween, fantasy, etc., but I really really love sci-fi. As a general guide, I collect monsters, skeletons, aliens, and bugs.

What is the centerpiece of your collection? 

Hmm, that's a really tough question. My collection constantly ebbs and flows and my favorite pieces change depending on my mood and most recent finds. Right now, my favorite is Robie the Robotic Bank circa Radio Shack 1988. He's just such a cool robot toy from the '80's, and he only cost me 75 cents!!!

How long have you been collecting for? 

I have been collecting since my earliest memories. I remember earning my Collecting and Insect Study merit badges. My Dad was and still is a big collector of stamps, coins, records, books, and toys. He definitely rubbed off on me.

Where do you find most of your items? 

Most of my treasures are found secondhand at places like Goodwill, garage sales, flea markets, and the Deseret Industries (thus the blog name D.I. Treasures). Recently I have been browsing for the more high end stuff

On occasion I do find items online through eBay, Instagram, etc. Recently I have been browsing for the more high end stuff 

I very rarely buy anything new, but I have been known to buy cheap crap from dollar stores or the occasional LEGO minifigure blind bag.

Honestly, I used to find great joy in collecting the most random, weird, and cool junk that people would give away for some reason. But now, I just feel emptier with each new item I throw onto the hoard pile. Now, does that mean I don't collect anymore? Hardly! If I find something on my top 10 for pennies on the dollar you can bet you bottom dollar I'm gonna snatch it up! Collecting is in the blood, it's a tough habit to kick. I definitely sell/trade more now, where before selling something was really hard. It's all part of the circle of toys!