Sunday, March 27, 2016

Who Moved My Cheese? My Favorite Easter Eggs

Easter Egg (media):
An Easter egg is an intentional inside jokehidden message, or feature in an interactive work such as a computer programvideo game or DVDmenu screen. The name has been said to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt.[1]
According to game designer Warren Robinett, this traditional term was coined into the context of media by Atari personnel who were alerted to the presence of a secret message which had been hidden by Robinett in his already widely distributed game, Adventure.[2][3] Released in 1979,Atari's Adventure contains the first video game Easter egg to have been discovered by its players; the hidden item is the name of the game's programmer, Warren Robinett. Robinett inserted his Easter egg late in the game's development in an attempt to gain some recognition for his work, as Atari then kept its programmers' names secret.[4][5] In 2004, an earlier Easter egg was found in Video Whizball, a 1978 game for theFairchild Channel F system, displaying programmer Bradley Reid-Selth's surname.[1]
This practice is similar in some respects to hidden signature motifs such as Diego Rivera's inclusion of himself in his muralsAlfred Hitchcock's cameo appearances, Fritz's appearances in the works of Chris van Allsburg, and various "Hidden Mickeys" that can be found throughout the 

In honor of the ressurection of our Lord and Saviour, I have listed my favorite Easter eggs from my childhood.  Enjoy!

Feeding The Trolls

(The following was a post ment for last Easter, but ended up sitting in my bottomless pit of draft posts. Time to set it free! Enjoy and Happy Easter!)

I have a deep dark secret, I'm kinda sorta a fan of Troll Dolls!!!! I guess you can say I'm a Troll Man.

Just in the nick of time for Easter this year I spotted an entire display box of Series 1 Norffin Troll trading cards for 3 bucks! It was an awesome way to own hundreds of trolls in a neatly compact form that can be hidden away if need be. It's hard for a grown man to explain away a large collection of troll dolls.

And speaking of large collections, check out this radically bizare Troll Museum I saw on YouTube:

Now, I love weird things as much as the next troll fan, but this kind of scares even me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mason's March Madness Mix-Tape

It's time for another one of my holiday themed "mix-tapes"!  I am fortunate enough to be able to listen to music while I work half my life away tucked inside my work cube.  I often dream up themed mix-tapes for each month of the year.

Mason's March Madness Mix-Tape
(Listen to the "tape" HERE)

Side A (Saint Patrick's Day)
1. NBA Jam Title Theme- SEGA CD
2. Lost Woods - The Legend of Zelda Re-Arranged:
3. Lucky Charms Theme - Pentatonix commercial
4. The Book of Kells - The Secret of Kells Original Soundtrack
5. The Reptile Room - Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Original Soundtrack

Side B (Easter)
1. Morning Mood - Edvard Grieg
2. A Town With An Ocean View - Kiki's Delivery Service Original Soundtrack
3. Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Title Theme - Nintendo Gamecube
4. Yoshi Island Title Theme - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
5. January Q. Irontail (voiced by Vincent Price) - Selections from Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Hidden Tracks:
Pikmin Title Theme - Nintendo Gamecube
Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly
Braveheart Maint Theme - Braveheart Original Soundtrack

What songs are a must for you this time of year? Tell me in the comments below!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

DIT March 2016 Calendar

This one is action packed full of craziness!

Announcements? Events? Tell Mason to add to calendar! Want an editable virtual copy of the calendar? Let me know your email address and I will send you one. J

March  2016-Plastic Army Men Month


1 Day of The Tentacle remastered (TBA)



4 Zootopia
London Has Fallen
Me Before You
Twilight Princess HD



8 International Women's Day



11 Psycho-Pass
The Young Messiah
10 Cloverfield Lane


13 Daylight Saving Time Begins

14 Game Developers        Conference

15 Game Developers Conference

16 Game Developers Conference

17 Saint Patrick's Day
Necropolis (PC)
18 Pee-wee’s Big Holiday
Allegiant Part 1
Midnight Special
Miracles From Heaven


20 Spring Begins
        Spring Cleaningà
Palm Sunday
       Spring Cleaningà
        Spring Cleaningà
      Spring Cleaningà
24 Maundy Thursday
        Spring Cleaningà

        Fan-X Comic Conà
25 Good Friday
        Spring Cleaningà
Batman v Superman
Hyrule Warriors: Legends
     Fan-X Comic Conà
26 Holy Saturday
        Spring Cleaning
   Allen Family Egg Hunt
            @ Noon
     Fan-X Comic Con
     Women’s Conference
27 Easter

28 Oculus Rift gaming console release