Thursday, April 19, 2012

Handbook for Patrol Leaders

For some reason vintage Boy Scout stuff really strikes a cord with me.  I loved being a Boy Scout.  Camp outs, summer camp, Pop Tarts, fire, rock tipping, cow tipping, what's not to like, right? I never did achieve Eagle Scout status.  I was so close too, I was a Life Scout and I just needed a couple of badges and an Eagle project to get my Eagle. Oh well.  Maybe if I only had the Handbook For Patrol Leaders I may have been a better scout.

Anyway, a little bit about the book.  I love it! Where else will you see words like "swell", "stunt" and "skit" in the same sentence? Not to mention illustrations of bugs, leaves, knots, "Indian Articles", bead work, axes, and other scouty stuff.  In case you were wondering, the book was printed in 1963.

Total cost: $0.50

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