Saturday, August 3, 2013

Curbside Treasures!

I found this old desk drawer on the curb and it called out to me instantly! I knew it would make a great display case just by looking at it. The funny thing was the previous owner had used it as a display case, so I didn't need to add any hardware in order to hang it because they had already added hooks to the back! However, it needed a serious paint job so I sprayed it with some white pray paint. NEVER AGAIN will I spray paint, it was a horrible experience. Never spray paint while wearing flip-flops. At least it looks at half-way decent now.

I also found a practically brand new Scrabble box! I love Scrabble, even though I don't really play the game much anymore. I like to use the wooden stands and letter tiles to leave little cutsie notes for my wife. They're also great for little craft projects. I can't believe people throw this stuff away! I should make a list of treasures and have people send them my way, instead of throwing them away! That's actually not a bad idea, I think I may do that. Perhaps a future post.

Desk Drawer/Display Case & Scrabble
Total Cost: FREE!

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