Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm Obsessed With Outer Space!!!

This week’s assignment from the League: My Latest Obsession

league of extraordinary bloggersWe were on a break, but now it’s time to get back to the important task of entertaining the masses. This week’s challenge for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers
My latest obsession.
Once you put up a post on your site, add a comment below with the URL so everyone knows where to find it. Remember to include links to your fellow League members in your article, along with a League logo and link, so other bloggers can learn how to join in the fun.
Blog karma is a good thing — by cross-posting like this, we will help send each other new readers, and receive a few in return. If you would like to join the League, all you need is a love of pop culture and a blog. Come join the fun, and tell your friends!
I know I'm way late on this one, but it's like Brian gave this assignment specifically to me! Just recently I have become fixated on space and all things sci-fi!

Photo dump time!

It all started when I decided to create a LEGO Space City. I wanted to focus on just LEGO, specifically space themed LEGO. Of course, I am way too addicted to toys to be limited to one brand for too long. So, within a week or so I started collecting ANY sci-fi toys and memorabilia I could get my hands on! Robots, aliens, spacemen, all that good stuff. My desk is now littered with cosmic goodies.

I even went so far as to join Instagram as @SpaceMason. I also started a blog specifically for the LEGO Lunar City Project! It's funny, because I just barelly blogged about all this and I didn't realize there was a League assignment. DANG IT! Oh well, it's all good.
I'm not the only obsessed collector out there folks. Check out these guys n' gals:
Jathniel's Spidie sense is tingling over at This Space For Rent!
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That Yellow Duck stocks Walter Sobchak!
Brian of Cool and Collected goes on a binge! 
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G.I. Jigsaw is one Muppet of a man! Or is he a manly Muppet?
The Stunt Zombie is obsessed with Glyos yo! 
Branded in the 80's is obsessed with 80s branding!
Everything from Sweet Pickles to Jason and the Scorchers is an obsession where Flashlights Are Something To Eat!
AND, last but certainly not least Rich fixates on The Goldbergs in The Nerd Nook!

What a great turn out this week! This is a wonderful resurgence! Be sure to check out every last one of these guys and share in our obsessions!


  1. Outer Space is a great thing to be obsessed with Mason far as collecting things goes lots of fun things out there to grab up.

    1. Definitely! It's a great theme. It helps me focus, while at the same time it's extremely broad! I hope to have more time to dedicate to the blog soon and then I'll be able to share all my space stuff!

  2. Great obsession that I could have easily slipped into myself. I love the ASTRONAUT Classic GI JOE and Major Matt Mason and Billy Blast-off. So many cool things to find for a collection in that theme. Thanks for the shout-out. I will try to return the favor.

    1. Funny you should mention the Astronaut Joe, because my Dad recently rescued his from Grandma's basement! That's when my space obsession was rekindled. Major Matt Mason is on my wish list and my current intergalactic holy grail is a set of Colorforms Outer Space Men. I will also be on the look out for Billy Blast-off.

      Oh, FYI, I don't know if you're a big GPK fan Kal, but I have an OptiCal Garbage Pail Kids card! If you want it it's yours. You can add another version of yourself to the Kal Cave collection!

  3. Can't go wrong with an Outer Space obsession!

    1. True that! The cosmos are just so vast and diverse and fully of wonder!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout. Just found your blog via Claw.