Monday, January 16, 2017

Frogacuda's Toy Cave Episode 1: 2016 Madballs blind bags CODES!!!

Frogacuda: Hello internet, we hope you enjoy the first episode of Frogacuda's Toy Cave. Cutting straight to the codes first, so you don't need to search all over.  We give you the 2016 Just Play American Greetings Madballs codes!  

Look closely on the back bottom of the package and you will see numbers stamped onto the package, ending 001-007.  Each ending number corresponds with the Madball contained within. (You can barely make it out in this picture, if at all. Don't look at the barcode. You should be able to see the indented number on the bottom.)

001- Skull Face
002- Horn Head
003- Screamin' Meemie
004- Dust Brain
005- Slobulus
006- Oculus Orbus
007- Glow-in-the-Dark Skull Face

Horn Head, Skull Face (& GID Skull Face), Screamin' Meemie, and Oculus Orbus

Frogacuda Jr.: Now we are still hunting for Dust Brain & Slobulus.  So, if anyone finds these two please let us know.

Frogacuda: We are also collecting the full size Madballs, which you can find in the same location as the minis at Target.  We haven't checked Walmart yet, but we've heard they've been spotted there as well.  We need the full sized Horn Head and Slobulus.  If you can find those then count yourself very lucky!  I haven't even seen Slobulus on eBay or anything.

Full size Oculus Orbus

Frogacuda Jr.:  Yep, people have opened cases and haven't found a single Slobulus, and only very rarely found a Horn Head.

Going back to the blindbags, you'll notice there are 13 total on the back.  Only seven are currently available though, so don't give your hopes up looking for Swine Sucker, Lock Lips, Fist Face, Bruiser Brother, Snake Bait, or Buzz Off, because you won't find them. Hoping they will release the rest soon.  Though I find it a bit deceiving to have all 13 on the package now.

Frogacuda: Also, these have had mixed reviews.  A lot of people don't like the "X" eyes.  I don't mind it, I kind of like the style.  I really want to see the animated shorts, but nothing is posted on yet.

Frogacuda Jr.: The "X" eyes kind of bother me, but I still like them. They're a definite buy for any Madballs fan.  I also like that they are made of a squishy foam, just like the originals.

What does everyone watching think?  Do you like these new Madballs?  Let us know in the comments below!

Forgacuda:  Well, that's it for this episode.  If you have any suggestions, words of wisdom, tips & tricks, or you wanna send us any toys to review, or furniture and posters to jazz up our toy cave, please email us at


  1. I will have to grab some of the blind bags on the first. These look great!

    1. They pretty fun! I wish they had all the characters listed for series one, but oh well.

  2. Ugh! Still can't find these Madballs anywhere near me!

    1. I have only seen them at Target so far. They should also be at Walmart, K Mart, TRU, Wallgreens, and...meijer?

  3. I work at ToysRus and we finally got these in today! I was lucky to find the bags with codes 008-013! I will post an update with said codes once I get home from work.

  4. 008 Bruise Brother
    009 Swine Sucker
    010 Snake Bait
    011 Fist Face
    012 Buzz Off
    013 Lock Lips

    1. thank you darby. i used these codes to find 4/6 last night. the box was super full i had to be the first one at it so i was kinda shocked a new box wouldnt have at least one of each.

  5. How ultra rare is the glow skull face? I am down to only needing 3 of them plus gitd skull face

    1. not very i try and buy them when i find them. i have two extra right now

  6. I FINALLY FOUND THESE AT TOYS R US! And thanks to you and your codes my son found an Occulus in his Easter Basket this past weekend! Thank You!

  7. new madballs are great! i cant wait for more to be released!!

  8. Thank you for posting the remaining codes Darby!

    Also, it seems the full size Slobulus is more common than it was. I have completed my full size and mini Madballs collection. I have heard that series 2 it hits stores now too!

  9. Ugh! Still can't find these Madballs anywhere near me! .. .
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