Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Strung Along By String Dolls

It was a day like any other, searching for crappy dollar store toys, when suddenly...

This is what I saw at the store. You can see the full collection HERE.

The light shown through the window and I saw these! Imagine my joy as I spotted these voodoo doll super hero "vendos"! Sure, I could tell just by peeking in that there weren't any super heros in there. Heros perhaps, but not of the super variety. Oh well, they're at least worth the 75 cents, right? And at least they're not mixed with non-String Dolls, unlike last time. Well, let's see what we got!

These guys are adorable!

What a charmer.

His jimp leg just gives him more charm. He looks like some sort of green mummy.

This guy has a distinct karate master vibe.

And here's the pick of the litter, Jack Pumpkin head! His grin had me in stitches. Priceless!

Over all, I'm very satisfied with these vendos. They're just the right amount of creepy and cute. You could honestly stick needles in these guys and they'd totally look like legit voo-doo dolls. Vending machine toys are so lacking now a days and the String Dolls are a hopeful ray of light, in my humble opinion. It's too bad I didn't get any DC Dolls, but I'm still happy with these.

Has anyone out there been lucky enough to nab any of the Super Powers String Dolls? What do ya'll's think of these guys? Comments, below, you get the idea.


  1. These look fun Mason! I think Five Below had something like them in there stores at one point or another last year or so.

    1. Yeah, they're pretty neat! If I ever spot any in a vending machine I'll definitely drop some quarters on 'em.