Sunday, May 10, 2015

Z-Bots Month: No Cartoon, No Problem

The Z-Bots never had their own cartoon show, but it's okay because they're still "totally cool!"

Personally, I love toy lines that don't have their own cartoon show. Not that I hate cartoons, cuz I love 'em! There's something about cartoonless toys. You can really let your imagination run wild without some "canon" holding you back. 

Though there was no toon, there were plenty of commercials. And now, bask in all the 90's glory of Z-Bots commercials!

I really like this fan made commercial!

These were the only commercials I could find with a quick Google search. Are there any more that I am missing? Please tell me and leave a link in the comments below if you know of more awesome commercials! 

Stay tuned, this week I will highlight Z-Bots from my collection and I have new additions on their way soon!


  1. As much as I loved Micro Machines and M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, I never picked any of these guys up. It's a shame, because they seem a lot cooler than I remember.

    1. Despite being produced by a pretty big time toy company they were underrated! The nice thing about that is they're not too expensive now since they weren't overly popular, except for a few really rare figures maybe, but even then people will under price rare figs on eBay sometimes.