Monday, June 1, 2015

Catching More Zs

Is Z-Bots month really over already!? I had it all planned out with a post for each type of Z-Bos starting with Utilitoids and ending with Linkbots, but life just keeps happening. I have decided to pace myself a bit and get more sleep, thus the "Catching More Zs" title, totally not a play on words there. I will still keep posting like a mad man on Instagram, no worries there.

June will be "Halloween In June". It's time to plant pumpkins, so I have Halloween on the brain! Stay tuned for that. Until then, check out #ZBotsMonth on Instagram for some Z-Bots goodness. 

Super crappy, super cool vintage Halloween skull I found for 50 cents at the DI of course.

I'm not too familiar with Skylander figures, but I'm loving the spooky vibe from these. 50 cents a pop from the DI!

 I already found some Halloween goodies at the DI, where Halloween never dies.

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