Sunday, March 27, 2016

Feeding The Trolls

(The following was a post ment for last Easter, but ended up sitting in my bottomless pit of draft posts. Time to set it free! Enjoy and Happy Easter!)

I have a deep dark secret, I'm kinda sorta a fan of Troll Dolls!!!! I guess you can say I'm a Troll Man.

Just in the nick of time for Easter this year I spotted an entire display box of Series 1 Norffin Troll trading cards for 3 bucks! It was an awesome way to own hundreds of trolls in a neatly compact form that can be hidden away if need be. It's hard for a grown man to explain away a large collection of troll dolls.

And speaking of large collections, check out this radically bizare Troll Museum I saw on YouTube:

Now, I love weird things as much as the next troll fan, but this kind of scares even me.


  1. When do we get to see some of this Troll collection?

    1. That's the thing though, I have been afraid to collect Trolls, so I don't have very many. I did have a nice collection of Battle Trolls, but my mother has squirreled them away somewhere in my childhood home. I was able to rescue Trollminator before has was forever lost to the hoard pile.

    2. You reminded me though, I do have a complete set of Trashcan Trolls cards. I should share those!