Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: Red State/Blue State

Pop Culture League Challenge: Red State/Blue State

Last week, the League was all about Pop Culture Presidents, and now we’re going to make things a little easier this week, to hopefully see a few more participants. Where all those Instagrammers at??? This week’s challenge to the Pop Culture League is…

Red State/Blue State

Snap a red and/or blue themed photo.

The League is always open to new members! Got a blog? Write a post in response to the weekly challenge, and you’ll be included. It’s that easy!
Once you put up a post on your site add a comment below with the URL. Try to incorporate at least three of your fellow League members’ links (but more would be great!) into the article you wrote, or you can also link to them on social media.
By cross-posting like this, we will help each other out by sending new readers to each other’s sites. Have fun!
(Wondering what the heck this is all about? We’re recruiting for this loose-knit, rag tag crew! Here are the details for contributing to The League.)
Gonna use this opportunity to check out my favorite Topps card series, GPK.  Check out the limited edition 2016 Election cards HERE.
GPK version of "Dump"
Anyone else excited for Trump's new reality show?
Interesting twist on an old classic.  Isn't there a special jail for rich people?  I guess they can afford to bribe their way out


Not sure what this is referencing.  I didn't watch the debates, i don't believe in torture.

Feel da Bern!

I don't get this one either. Love that fly though!
This really demeans King Kong and Godzilla!

And the winner is....


  1. Interesting cards there. I recently bought some non election cards from Wal-Mart and love them :)

  2. those cards seem vaguely familiar somehow

  3. Love GPKs! Hadn't seen these before. Nice post!