Saturday, December 3, 2016

Creepmas 2016 Day 3: Warpo Toys Don't Cuddle The Krampus

Sadly this Kickstarter project by Warpo Toys didn't quite make it.  At least we will forever have the commercial!


  1. Aww mahn! They got so close...really surprised they didn't do another Kickstarter or similar for it to get made this year, especially since Krampus seems to be appearing everywhere right now! Hope this gets re-started at some point..loved My Pet Monster and stuff like that...

    1. I know! I hope they don't just sit on this idea, and Krampus is really taking off in the states, so I can see this being really popular. He'd being a perfect addition to a My Pet Monster collection too! I've also been thing of pulling the trigger on that 12" Cthulhu.