Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Toy Life Goals 2018: Return of The Nerd Cave

Last summer we had to move out of the house we were renting and moved into a condo/townhome rental.  We were quite sad to lose the huge, fenced in back yard, and I lost my finished attic Nerd Cave.

Fortunately our new place has a nice spacious unfinished room in the basement.  The bad news is all my geeky stuff is stored in boxes in that dingy, dark basement.  This year I want to organize, purge, and tidy up the remains of my nerd cave.  I will draw inspiration from other nerd caves and will be saving hardcore to buy a home.  We likely won't be able to afford a new home until 2019, but the goal is finally insight and things are looking up.

So, I will feature a different nerd cave on the blog each month to analyze and glean insight from.  I have one picked out for January 2018, so stay tuned (http://lunacityarcade.com/).

Do you have a nerd cave or a man/woman cave?  Or are you in the same boat, with everything is just stored away in boxes?

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