Friday, December 14, 2018

Vitaminwater Scroll Free Contest

This contest is right up my ally! Even if I don't win, I finally have an excuse to give my wife to ditch the expensive cellphone bill!

Honestly, we don't really all need a cellphone.  We all got on just fine before.

Which leads me to the real reason to ditch the cellphone and go landline: so I can use an awesome 80's phone!  My dream landline phones:
  1. Garfield phone
  2. The Real Ghostbusters phone
  3. As of March 19, 2018 there are still 100,000 working pay phones in America.  I want to use one!  I have spotted a few dead pay phone booths in Salt Lake City, but I don't know of any that still function here.
  4. A red phone
  5. Red lips phone
  6. Gumby phone
  7. Clear plastic phone
  8. Hamburger phone
  9. Hotdog phone
  10. Rotary dial phone
  11. Cool Spot phone
  12. Micky Mouse phone
  13. Pac-Man telephone
  14. Talking Homer Simpson phone
  15. Darth Vader phone
  16. Two tin cans and a string

Are you going to try the no scroll challenge?  If so, what landline phone do you want?

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