Friday, October 9, 2015

Pocket Sreamers: A New Obsession

After first coming across some of these awesome Halloween toys that someone found at Spirit Halloween and Goodwill, I was only mildly interested and soon lost interest.

My first Pocket Screamer, "Ripper"!
A Facebook friend of mine and fellow toy collector, Rebecca Beaver (Splitty), pointed out one of the coolest toy collecting sites I have ever come across, POCKET SCREAMERS!

Little did I know how far the Pocket Screamers rabbit hole can go! I am now obsessed with these things, when I would otherwise be totally indifferent.  I tend to become obsessed with toy lines that are shrouded in mystery, and these things are on of the greatest toy mysteries ever!

"The figures pop up each fall in random stores from Walgreens to Menards and Big Lots, Party City, CSV to online resources such as eBay and Spirit Halloween. While not 100% certain it's believed that they have been on the market since the turn of the century. No one really knows who produces them and despite all of my research I've yet to find a manufacturer or designer. That in itself is a little creepy.... why do they just appear each fall, where do they come from and where do they go?
We've searched the interwebs high and low and have only found a few people with the same sized collection (a couple larger ones). We've been on a mission to collect every known Pocket Screamer that has ever existed and will not rest until that mission is accomplished. If you share this same love please drop us a line, we'd like to meet you and know that we're not alone in this dark and twisted obsession."

I checked out my local Halloween City and found this gnarly guy known as "Ripper" for $2!  I will likely never own all of them, there are A TON!

Here's a video of "Ripper" in action, from the Pocket Screamers site.

Do you have any Pocket Screamers lurking in long forgotten Halloween bins? Wanna get rid of them? Can I have them?  PLEASE!!!

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  1. My buddy Dr.Twisted collects these.

  2. I never gave these a second glance in stores but after perusing the website I'm curious what this year will bring. I'll keep my eyes peeled for these on my second-hand hunts for ya!

    1. I know right! The site really shines some light on how neat they are. I also like the fact that there are just a few fanatics, it's an underground thing. I like that in a toy line. And thank you for always keeping an eye out for stuff!