Sunday, January 8, 2017

My Top 10 Fast Food Toys

Recently I have been thinking about all my favorite fast food toys from the past.  Here are my personal top 10 favorites:

10.  Hardee's Halloween Smooshies

Hardee's had some real winners!  I still have all the Halloween Smooshies, but all the bases the little plushies came in are now all long since lost.  The Surfing Pizza has a nice review HERE.

9. Hardee's California Raisins Series 1-5

My Dad collected a ton of these and I remember playing with them all the time.  Hardee's released 5 sets, including a set of plush raisins!  They were a perfect tie-in with their cinnamon raisin biscuits, and the commercial if perfect!

8. Wendy's Playskool Definitely Dinosaurs

Almost everyone had these kicking around the house, even if you don't remember where they came from. I still have quite a few and they have held up after all these years and my kids play with them today. Check out Katrina's Toy Blog for more info on the definitely Dinosaurs toy line.  I can't believe how many color variants Wendy's released!

7. McDonald's Batman The Animated Series and Batman Returns

Finally, McDonald's  made the list (it's really unavoidable) I'm clumping these 2 batman themes together because the awesome little cars go together so perfectly. 

6. McDonald's Fast Macs & Mickey's Birthday Land Racers

These are just classic!  Like number 7 on the list, these are actually 2 toy lines, but they together perfectly.  I played with these little cars for hours.  Maybe my Dad should've kept them locked up in a case like the dad in the commercial, because us kids eventual wore them out.

5. McDonald's Super Mario 3

Nintendo & McDonald's go together like fries and and a shake!

4. Jack-in-the-Box & Burger King Universal Monsters

These were almost on par with toys you could find at the toy store! I didn't even know about the Jack-in-the-Box Monsters until I saw the fun little video below

3. McDonald's McDino & McRobot Changeables

These are at the top of the list for most fast food toy fans, and I can see why.  I still have some of the Dinos kicking around.  I love that the McRobot commercial used hand-drawn animation, perfectly knocking off the Transformers.

2. SubwayABC's Bump in The Night

Who'd a thunk Subway of all places would make the list!  No offense to anyone that likes Subway's current "toys", but I think it's all pretty lame now.  I loved the claymation Bump in the Night cartoon series, but somehow I missed out on these.  Probably because Subway wasn't really known for kids meal toys.  Maybe some day I will buy these.  Then Bumpy, Squishington, Molly, and Destructo too, can have wonderful adventures while I'm away.


1. Burger King & KFC Micro Machines Z-Bots

It's no secret that I love Z-Bots, and when I found out Burger King had Z-Bots, well, The Burger King Kids Club was the clear winner of the kids meal wars in my eyes.  I found out several years later KFC also had Z-Bots Linkbots, so I thought I'd throw that in.  The KFC Linkbots are pretty ugly, but they're Z-Bots and pretty rare, so I want them too!

What are your favorite fast food toys?  Did they make my personal favorites list?  Am I missing out on an amazing fast food toy premium?  Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. The Super Mario 3 Happy Meal has to be on anyone's Top Ten fast food toys list. If it isn't then it's not a legit list! Great picks!