Saturday, October 20, 2018

Halloween Thrifting 2018: Part 1, October DI Haul

From my most recent DI trip this week!

These 3 came home with me, or rather came to my work cube.

 Cool vintage plastic Jacko!

Vintage Beanie Baby Pumkin'!  Now he can hang out with the Sheets I found earlier this summer! 

Date of birth: October 31, 1998
Ghosts and goblins are out tonight
Witches try hard to cause fright
This little pumpkin is very sweet
He only wants to trick or treat!

And now this ghost can sing his spooky, annoying song while I work!

Total cost: $1.75

The following rejects were left behind, but captured forever for your viewing displeasure:

 Pray for him Kitty!

 Sugar Loaf brand Jacko

A truly frightful sight!


  1. That little Jesus is interesting too.

    1. Thank you! He was a thrift find as well. :)

  2. You really deck the halls . Da la la la la booo eek booooooo

  3. Oh that Ghost I might beat you if that was my office.

    1. Luck would have it that the ghost lights up and shakes but has gone completely mute. :D The vampire at home however plays his annoying spooky diddly every time you blink!