Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Sweaters

As part of my own little Thanksgiving tradition I like to hunt down a nice sweater to wear for Thanksgiving day. As I was searching cyber space for inspiration I came across one of the coolest things on the Internet, The Cosby Sweater Project.

Chicago illustrator Kelly Tucker beautifully recreates Mr. Huxtable's many sweaters while at the same time cataloging every episode of The Cosby show with a brief description. It's an amazing project and you should really check it out! 

I really wish I could hunt down a Cosby sweater, but I realize the chances are slime. Maybe I could have someone knit me one using one of Kelly's Cosby sweater illustrations. Until then I'll have to settle for this 3 dollar DI beauty. It's an Old Navy sweater and the thing looks brand new!

It kinda looks like Bert's sweater. You know, from Sesame Street.

What do you wear for Thanksgiving? Do you wear a nice sweater for the big Thanksgiving feast? Or is it T-shirts and jeans for you? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. It's sort of a mix of Bert and Ernie. LOL. I wear this hideous sweater that my wife complains about every year. The day she stops complaining is the day I stop wearing it. It's grey with a big White stripe dead center from next to belly button. It's awful.

    1. Yeah, it is kinda a Bert and Ernie mix, ha! My brother kept telling me I look like Freddy Krueger in it, because I also wear a black fedora.

      LOL, that's awesome! There were some really hideous sweaters at the DI that I almost bought, but they were so ugly that I felt like 3 dollars was a bit of a rip off. I did however find a hideous Christmas ensemble that I just couldn't pass up.

      I hope you had a great Thanksgiving whilst sporting your awesomely dreadful sweater!

  2. Hey! I like the sweater buddy and Happy Thanksgiving. : )

    1. Hey thanks John! I hope you had a Thanksgiving to remember. :)

  3. What?! I wear almost the same sweater! For the last 3 years, anyhow....
    Are you on facebook??? I shall prove it.
    I should take a picture of me in the same pose, same sweater by my same owl art.
    I know you guys had a great day, we sure did!

  4. Okay, that is so weird! My wife is named Laura, our daughter is named Ava, we have the same owl art and wear the same sweater! LOL! XD I guess it's true what they say, great minds think alike.

    And yes, I am a facebooker, I look forward to your Thanksgiving sweater picture. Glad to hear you guys had a great Thanksgiving!