Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fantasy Shopping Frenzy!

This week’s assignment from the League: Hake’s Auction #210 Shopping Spree!

You won the lottery and bought Tony Stark’s mansion, but the rec room could use a little help in the redecorating department after all the renovations. Lucky for you, Hake’s Americana & Collectibles just announced their latest auction. Check out the catalog and go on a  fictional shopping spree to set up the ultimate cave of collectibles.
Hake’s has given us permission to reuse their photos and descriptions in our responses to this week’s League challenge, just be sure to link back to their auction. One blog entry will be selected to receive $100 credit to spend at Hake’s! Good luck everyone!
As a new leaguer this is my very first fantasy shopping spree. I've never checked out Hake's Americana &Collectibles, so let's see what they've got that tickles my fancy.
Vintage Robots!
One of my holy grails of collectibles would be a nice vintage robot toy, so if I won the lottery I buy every single one! Here are my favorites:
Now, the cool thing about this book, Robot by Pierre Boogaerts, is that my Dad owns a copy! It's a really nice book to have if you don't have loads of cash to spend on vintage wind-up robot toys. I was actually thinking of posting about it soon so stay tuned for that.
Gotta get me an Action Planet Robot! This guy's so cool!
This guy's just classic, gotta have 'im! 


I love comic strips and Peanuts is one of my all time favorites. These are definitely going in the cart!


These little figurines are like Precious Moments, only cooler and way more valuable.

Beautiful Little Dead Things!

If you know me well then you know I love dead things. Taxidermy, entomology specimens, skulls, skeletons, and most of all fossils. I have always wanted to own a legitimate fossil, so these beautiful specimens are definitely coming home with me.


Sea Scorpion


Now, I've probably seen almost every episode of the Golden Girls, but I don't really care to have a signed picture of them. I just thought it was kinda funny that this item was categorized under the "Fossils and Minerals" section!


You know I love PEZ, so I'd snatch up every last dispenser they have! Here are my favorites:

Spaceman PEZ!

A couple of nice Witch PEZ dispensers.

Gotta love these PEZ Pals! They kinda look like Elmer Fudd incognito.


Man, MEGO figures! I have always wanted to own at least one MEGO figure. I would snatch up every single figure! Here are my favorites:

The name's Bond, MEGO Bond.

Awww yeah, MEGO Batman!

Just look at this guy, he's just amazing! To own this would be unreal!

I'm gonna have to stop myself there, this list could go on and on and on and on. What would you get? Here's what other Leaguers would grab:

The Mayor of Neato Coolville wants some monstrous and out-of-this-world swag!

Dex of AEIOU And Sometimes Why scopes out some haunting treasures.

Check out monsters, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Spy vs Spy at Grey's blog, Achievements In Gaming.


  1. Replies
    1. Why thank you John! I was gonna include some Joe's, but the list was already getting long. :)

      What would you get John?

  2. Great pics. I like the Pez dispensers and the dragonfly.

    1. Yeah, the Spaceman PEZ is awesome! I would love to own that dragonfly fossil. Fossils are just so cool. They're a little piece of ancient Earth history. My Dad owns a few Trilobite fossils, they're pretty rad.