Friday, November 1, 2013

Frugal Friday: Happy All Saints Day!

It's All Saints Day! Does anyone out there celebrate? I like to celebrate the day with the annual Halloween clearance. 

I was so tempted to pick up more candy, but my teeth still hurt from Halloween, so for once I showed some will power.

I did pick up some discounted Monster Cereal that I missed out on and these awesome Halloween string lights that were 50% off.

They really do look great on our hearth and I have big plans for them for Creepsmas. We've got some big plans for Creepmas this year, it being the first time we've even heard of the new holiday n' all. It's the perfect opportunity to share all the spooky stuff I didn't get around to during the month of October.

Laura and I were also lucky enough to go  see Ender's game today! It was pretty good, I highly recommend it to fans of the book and Sci-Fi fans everywhere. I spotted this LEGO The Movie poster. So many movies to see, so little time!

I just want to take this moment to thank everyone for there comments, follows and support during this, my first ever Halloween Blogathon! It was pretty crazy and I'm so very very tired! It was all worth it though, I loved every moment of it. I'm probably gonna go a little easier on the posts until Creepsmas and Christmas. Don't worry though, I won't completely fall off the map, I turn the big three-oh on November 21st, so I naturally I love Thanksgiving. Until next time, this is Mason, signing off!


  1. Happy upcoming birthday! Mine is the 15th - Hooray for November kids!

    1. And mine is the 9th! We really are the best of the bunch ;)
      I always feel sorry for folks with summer heat birthdays....

    2. Happy upcoming Birthday you guys! I should get you both a little something for your Birthday. :D