Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con Gold!

SL Comic Con is back for a second year! Laura, Ava, and I will enjoy all 3 days of geeky goodness, from September 4th-6th! Don't worry, I already have a Frugal Friday post ready to go while we're enjoying The Con. Expect celebrity selfies, kooky cosplay photos, and more, some time next week. Until then, be excellent to each other!

I love this pass! It will make a great souvenir in and of itself!


  1. Replies
    1. It was hecka fun! I'll keep you posted on day 2 & 3 soon, thanks John!

  2. I recently just got back from a local Comic-Con as well. Have fun SIR!!! Happy hunting....

    1. Gotta love local Comic Cons! It would be nice to go to San Diego Comic Con, but it's so nice to have one in our own backyard. I'm glad Salt Lake has one now.

      How was your local Comic Con Brian?