Thursday, September 4, 2014

Salt Lake Comic Con 2014: Day 1

(Just so I don't forget, I've decided to post about the first day of SLCCon just so I don't forget things n' stuff.)


The first booth we hit was the Crashnauts booth. Crashnauts is an indie video game, produced by some friends of mine, that is currently pre-alpha. Despite being so early in development, the pre-alpha version of the game was very playable and a ton of fun! The demo featured 4-player free-for-all game play. Of course I got the trash beaten out of me, but I still had fun losing! The graphics are great, smooth controls, and a nice selection of weapons. There's even an awesome Mortal Combat announcer that gives the game a nice touch. Support local artists and check out their website at

Cary Elwes

No Comic Con is complete without celebs! We had the honor of attending the Cary Elwes panel. He really is a stand up guy and just as entertaining in person as he is on the big screen. He recently starred in Granite Flats, a local Utah television show on BYU Television. I really wish I had waited in line to ask him a question. Maybe when we go see Bruce Cambell tomorrow I will ask him a question. What would you ask Bruce? What would you ask Cary?

Photo Dump!

So that's about it for Thursday. We'll head back for more tomorrow, but I can't promise a post that night, but we'll see. 


  1. Replies
    1. We're so tuckered out, but we had a blast!

  2. Awesome sauce!!! I have never gone conning before and I am extremely, like... life-threateningly jealous of you right now. I need to go rest now.

    1. You'll get to one Derek, no need to be jealous. I actually attended my first Con last year. I broke the DI Treasures formula and posted about what I found at Comic Con 2013 and that's when my blog started to really take off. Not so much because I blogged about Comic Con, but around the same the time I discovered Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks and from there several other fantastic League of Extraordinary Bloggers members.

      Also, finding good deals at The Con is challenging to say the least. I did find some gems however, and the price was right.

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    1. It was a lot of fun, and this time I was able to bring Laura and Ava along. I really need to post day 2 and 3.

      It looks like you had a great time at the legendary San Diego Comic Con Eric! I hope to one day attend, but for now I'm happy to attend Salt Lake's Con.