Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Creepmas 2017 Day 13: The Munsters Scary Little Christmas

This year Santa and my wife got me some fun gifts. Among my gifts was The Munsters Scary Christmas circa 1996.  

The Munsters Scary Little Christmas 
10 Best Moments 
(Spoiler Alert)
1. Herman Munster is upset because he never gets to hear a complete Christmas carol, since the carolers run away in fear as soon as they see him.
2. Herman Munster bellows in fear at the sight of fire.
3. The Munsters' prize winning Christmas decorations
4. The Munsters' Christmas Tree
5. The Marquis De Sade Dungeon Action Playset (Eddie Munster's Christmas present), as seen on page 666 of the Fears and Roebuck Holiday Nightmare Catalogue.
6. Santa is turned into a giant fruit cake, and is almost eaten!
7. A biker gang is used as makeshift reindeer.  One of the bikers is promised a "choo-choo".
8. Santa's elves construct a toy making machine that reads Herman's thoughts in order to create toys.  
9. Herman losses his job and tries his hand at a variety of professions, hilarity ensues. 
10. As a thank you to the Munsters for saving Christmas, Santa causes it to snow just over the Munsters mansion.

If you like campy Creepmas fun you will love The Munsters Scary Little Chrismas.  Scary Creepmas everyone!