Monday, December 4, 2017

Creepmas 2017 Day 4: Krampus Funko Pop

Exclusive to Hot Topic, I happened to come across this Krampus Pop!  I still do not own a single Pop, I probably never will, but if someone gifted me a Krampus Pop I wouldn't complain.

Note: Upon further research, just the flocked Krampus is exclusive to Hot Topic.  Of course, this is Funko we are talking about, there are 10+ versions of this new Krampus Pop)


  1. Not a Pop collector either, but that Krampus is pretty sweet. I love the little kid in his basket.

    1. I realized, I do have one Pop, but it was a gift. They just aren't my style and I can't justify spending $10+ on one. The Krampus Pop is a perfect Creepmas decoration though!