Friday, October 11, 2019

All My Pumpkins

Over the years I have been collecting plug-in plastic and plaster Jack o' Lanterns.  There is just something very satisfying seeing a window full of these spooky guys!  I paid $1 each for these!  All found at the DI.  Let's have a look see.

  1. M&Ms Red Mascot, East Corp Toys Co, 2001
  2. Blow-mold with no markings.  Who knows when this was made?  It's very flat.  I can send more pictures if you need to ID this Jack.
  3. Trendmaster, 1993
  4. Jakks Pacific Inc, 2003
  5. Square Teeth, The Paper Magic Group, 1998
  6. 4-in-a-row, Trendmaster, 1995
  7. Sharp TeethThe Paper Magic Group, 1998
  8. Stack o' Jacks, Gemmy Industries Corp, no date stamp

Was this a light-up blow-mold?  Does anyone have info on this one?

Do you have some of these at home?  Which ones are your favorite?


  1. Must be wonderful to see in person! Great collection for amazing prices!

    1. When I see them shinning on in the widow, it makes my night. Our whole circle is so dark, and these guys light it up nicely.