Sunday, October 20, 2019

Shopping at The DI is A Waste of Time

I was going to post some pics of a vintage Slimer puppet I fouund; but my spouse taught me today that shopping at the DI is a waste of time.  I will rebrand this blog into a sports blog, like a normal.  No more money and time wasted at the stupid DI, garage sales, or thrift stores!  I will definitely plan a Super Bowl party this year, and enlist my son in peewee league football.  I will need to buy one of them Rokus to watch all the football, baseball, and everything else that's ends with "balls" games.

This year, I predict, my boys (The Browns), will take the Super Bowel LIII!!!  The final score will be 59-0 against the Raiders.  See me analysis below.

(place holder football strats)

Wait, I think my wife probably wants me to turn this into a cleaning, cooking, parenting, relationships, and home decor/improvement blog.

What's your vote, home decor, or sports?


  1. We all know she would rather it be Home Decor lol

    1. Haha, I think you're right! Or rather, just no blog at all.