Monday, February 17, 2014

Dad's Collection: Jar O' Yo-Yo

This weeks highlight from Dad's collection is fairly unique. I don't know too much about my Dad's yo-yo collection, but I do remember admiring it as a kid. Who knew there were so many types and styles of yo-yo!?

Here we're have shot of the entire collection, 32 in all and they're all winners in my book.

I like the Goofy yo-yo, and thy football shaped yo-yo is interesting to say the least.

Here's a comparison of two of my Dad's older Duncan Butterflies to the newer 90s model. I stuck my red Butterfly after the whole yo-yo fad died down. It's funny thinking back on all those assemblies we had at school. EVERYONE had a yo-yo after that! Did you ever experience the traveling yo-yo circus when you were a kid?

Here's the yo-yo collection all nice and neat in its jar. I wonder of yo-yos will make a comeback by the time Ava's in elementary school. If so, I hope I can brush up on my skills and teach her around-the-world and walk-the-dog.


  1. The Football one looks very interesting never seen one like that before.

    1. Yeah, that ones pretty neat! The only one I've ever seen is in my Dad's collection.

      Thanks John!