Saturday, October 19, 2013

Part Of This Haunted Breakfast!

The key ingredient to any Halloween breakfast is sugar, and lots of it! So, ditch the nasty grapefruit as I present to you this horrifyingly unbalanced breakfast!

Ah yeah, they're back! Fruity Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute! I think it's called "Frute" because there isn't any real fruit in it, just loads and loads of sugar. I had to pick up a box of my favorite, Boo Berry. The cereal's not that great, but I love ghosts, and look at that awesome hat! Boo Berry has class!

Good morning sunshine!
Yummy Mummy was pretty good, but I think I prefer the Brute over it.

Antonia, my kid sister stopped by for some Boo Berries.

It's alive! Monster Mash!
The Monster Cereals tasted best with their paranormal powers combined! I call it Monster Mash!

There was one more box of freaky cereal I just had to pick up.

Love the box art.

Spooky, greenish milk.

Halloween Crunch! I'm a big fan of the Cap'n so I just had to get it. The "ghosts turn the milk green"! 

Now, no haunted breakfast is complete without gallons of milk! I eat everything with a spoon and I fill my cereal bowl full with milk.

You've got your standard chocolate variety, and then of course there's....

ORANGE MILK!? Heck yes! This stuff's so good! Nothin' goes better with orange milk than Monster Donuts!

Best holiday donuts I've ever seen!

These donuts are pretty fun. I can't believe how much effort was put into these! Usually store bought "Halloween" donuts just have some black and orange sprinkles or something, but these are just gorgeous! The green pumpkin was my favorite. They were quite tasty.

Had enough sugar yet? Well, hang on to your insulin, because we're not nearly through yet!

Cookies? For breakfast?
That's right! Cookies for breakfast! You can only get away with this one time a year! Besides, when you have milk you must eat some Oreos. I completely emerge my Oreos in the milk and eat them with a spoon, just like cereal.

The milk really makes the spooky imagery pop. I really wanted to snag some Limited Edition Candy Corn Oreos, even though candy corn pretty much tastes like "a decroded piece of crap" I still wanted to try it out. Apparently they're selling on freaking eBay! Not only do we have toy scalpers, but now we have candy scalpers too!? Come on! Oh we'll, I found something better.

Peanut Butter Oreos! These are so good and they save me a step in my Oreo eating process. I'll take these over Candy Corn Oreos any day! 

And last but not least, there are Pumpkin Poptarts! Still haven't been able to find any though. Caffeinated Joe got me craving them.

Now that you're filled with sugar you'll have the energy you need to haunt the neighborhood all morning, right after you watch My Top 13 Halloween Toons of course. Man, I love Halloween!

Are there any Halloween breakfast essentials that I've forgotten?


  1. Fun post! We haven't come across the Halloween Cap'n Crunch yet, sadly. Pop Tarts also has Pumpkin flavor. And they are quite tasty!

    1. I love the Halloween Crunch cereal, it's pretty good. I found my box at Walmart.

      I've been looking for the Pumpkin Poptarts and I really wanna try them! Where did you find you box?

    2. I have seen them at both Target and Walmart. Not sure about local supermarkets, though.

    3. Oh cool, thank you! I will try those pumpkin Poptarts yet!

  2. I'm a sucker for cool cereal boxes. These are awesome. When I make a trip to the grocery store the cereal isle is a close second place to par-oozing the toy section of Target. At least for me. But I'm a bit of a nerd.

    1. I'm the same way. My brother was actually in a band called Cold Cereal. A big part of our cereal love is Saturday morning cartoons.

      Also, I found a new Halloween cereal I missed earlier today, new Kellog's Scooby Doo cereal!

  3. If I worked in the bakery, all the donuts would have faces on them.....
    I have to experience those pumpkin poptarts!

    1. That's awesome Laura! If you opened a bakery I'd totally buy your decorated donuts!

      I've gotta find those Poptarts! I'm a sucker for anything peanut butter or pumpkin flavored!

  4. Have not had Captain Crunch in years!

    1. Now is a great time to try a new bowl of Halloween Crunch! :)