Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Here Comes Halloween. Let's Decorate!

Many of us are already participating in the Countdown to Halloween and Blog-o-ween, so this topic will be a bit of a softball. This week’s assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers
Here comes Halloween!    

Let's Decorate!

It's time to bust open that orange and black bin that's been hiding in the garage all year and spread some Halloween cheer! This year I received a very generous Halloween present, a big ol' bin o' Halloween decorations! And it was 100% FREE baby!

Ghost string lights and 200 orange string lights were in here!

FREE strobe light!

This guy's fun.

I haven't gotten around to putting up anything from that awesome bin yet, but not to worry, my wife is a crafty one!

The welcome mat is a Halloween decoration, but we leave it out all year.

Look at that, my wife made this! It really looks amazing on our purple door.

With all the lights we got this year the house is gonna look just amazing. It will be nothing compared to some other homes. Halloween is pretty big here in Utah. Almost as big as Christmas! 

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  1. Nice stuff! We don't do much outdoor decorating for Halloween, but I love seeing it. One house not far from us goes all out, yard full of inflatables and handmade stuff. It is quite the sight!

    1. We've never really done any outdoor decorating either. Partially because we used to live in an apartment, and partly because of the cost. So I'm pretty excited to go all out this year with all these new decorations! Decorating is probably my favorite thing to do during October, right after dressing up.

      Thanks for the comment Joe. I hope your Halloween season is going well.

  2. I really like the skeleton in the top hat welcome sign. I wanted to decorate outside this year, but it's always hard to come up with something cool.