Saturday, August 9, 2014

Darkness Cometh

The toy realm has inevitably fallen to darkness. The once lush, green shag carpet fields of The Great Room have been reduced to a sickly brown. Decent toys live in constant fear. Death is everywhere.

In this place of darkness shines a ray of hope. Two mighty warriors, small in stature, but mighty in spirit. Tonto, a man haunted by his past, and Bounding Elk, last of the Mohicans, continue to fight against impossible odds in order to restore the land to its former glory. They may only stand 4 bricks tall, but with their spirit animals as their guides there is no stopping this dynamic duo! Can they pull it off? Will they survive the darkness? You decide!

Are you curious as to where all this darkness came from? Wanna know what the heck's going on? If you answered yes to either of these questions go check out The Diary of a Dorkette and learn more about this epic tale of good versus evil! The Darkness has come, FIGHT ON!

Also, check out @spacemason on Instagram for behind the scenes footage!


  1. Must check out the goings on here Mason.

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed they are, but it's never too late to turn things around!

  3. I feel as if I've missed the Geek/Nerd out Extravaganza boat....... ;)

  4. Really cool Mason! I am so happy you participated! Your story was great. I hope you have been doing well.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun setting up and taking the picture.

      When I was a kid I would set up huge battle scenes with my toys, it was good fun. It was always messed up pretty soon there after though and I had no way of capturing it since I didn't have a camera. :( But now I can! :)