Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dad's Collection: Wacky Hallmark Cars

The quest to document Dad's large and diverse collection continues with these zany automobiles, or as the tires indicate "Road Rovers". Colorful, diecast toy cars produced by Hallmark of all companies.

The armored truck is pretty cool with the classic $ sign and a nice silver paint job.


The street sweep is definitely my favorite of the bunch, as it's basically a vacuum on wheels, making it the silliest of the Rovers. Actually, scratch that, my favorite would have to be the pool car. The pool car had a swimming pool on top with a rubber ducky floating in the water. It's not pictured here because my Dad doesn't know where it is, no one does. I like it best for the painfully obvious play on words. Hopefully it'll show up one day.

These things are almost older than me!

Have you ever come across this before? Did you even know such a thing existed? Now you know! You're welcome! If you ever come across the pool car let me know!


After further research I came across The Long Morrow, a cool little blog that has oodles of info on these funky roadsters! Check it out HERE!


  1. These are just wonderful I just love the style of these.

    1. Yeah, they're pretty cool! I love that colorful, funky, School House Rock style! I'm thinking another Road Rover would be the perfect gift for my Pop. Thanks for stopping by John! It's always good to hear from ya. :)

  2. Wow, it's so crazy that you posted these, as I just recently saw a set in an antique store, and the sight of the "banana bus" that I had as a kid sent me spiraling down memory lane. It's still in a grocery sack full of loose Hot Wheels in my attic.
    Next time I'm in the antique shop, I'll see if the pool car's still there for your pop!

    1. No kidding! It's funny how that happens sometimes, how fortuitous! I appreciate you looking out for the Car Pool, I really appreciate it! I hope they weren't selling the Rovers for too much. I haven't set foot in an antique shop for ages. Ever since Cobwebs Antique Shop closed I haven't been.

      Thanks for stopping by Jesse, good to hear from you!