Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Mail Madness: Brian Lapsley's Surprise Pack #2

So many generous souls have been sending all sorts of awesome treasures to little old me and I am so grateful! Normally I like to feature what is sent to me with a blog post, but lately I have been working insane hours and I've become a bit lazy. No more! For the sake of these giving individuals I will be featuring these kind donations every Monday. 

So before ado is anymore furthered, I give you the first 

Monday Mail Madness: Brian Lapsley's Surprise Box #2! 

That's right, Brian didn't just send me 1 package, a few weeks earlier he already sent me a bunch of awesome and I haven't even posted about it yet! Don't worry though, I'll get to the first pack next time. In true Star Wars Fashion, I will create the sequel fist, followed by a prequel.

Brian is an artist. I love this piece he included on the box.

Speaking of Star Wars, Surprise Box #2 was full of treasures from a galaxy far, far away!

There were a few other toys not pictured here. Ava quickly claimed them.
My absolute favorite of the lot is the amazing Micro Scale Jabba's Palace with neighboring Sarlacc Pit! Most definitely my favorite Star Wars toys of all time. I've always had a soft spot for micro scale toys. I just love how much detail is packed into such a small play set! It's looks right at home on my toy room floor. The tan carpet gives a nice desert-sand effect.


Just look at the detail on this guy!  Jim Henson, you are missed.

One nasty looking Sarlacc maw.


The front of Jaba's Palace opens up reveling his mighty throne. 

Move Slave Leia, I can't see Salacious Crumb!
Even the trap door to the Rancor pit opens up, revealing the gnawed remains of the previously devoured.
This. Is. AWESOME! 
The teeny tiny Han Solo frozen in carbonite is just so dang cool. Just look at it, it's tiny!
There was a mishap during shipping and one of the guns broke.
Luckily it's nothing a little Crazy Glue can't fix.
And as if this wasn't all enough, I even received a micro scale Slave One, parked in the back! Also, either Brian reads minds or follows my Instagram posts, because I recently came across a Tatooine Safari Luke and Mighty Max at the Redwood Swap Meet. They fit right in!
Dude, Luke, that's you sister man! Come on!

Thank you Brian! I will be having all sorts of crazy adventures on Tatooine with my new Jabba play set! I couldn't be happier!

Be sure to check out Brian's blog, Awake Oh Sleeper! He shares with the world his fantastic art style, cool toy finds, and an overall inside look at the mind of this extraordinary gentleman. I really enjoyed his first contribution to the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, go check it out HERE! And don't forget to check out Brian's skills with pen and ink right over HERE!


  1. Brian is awesome! I got a care package from him too yesterday with lots of great stuff in it.

    1. Wow, he sent stuff to you too John!? Brian's a swell guy! And he sent me all this great stuff just because! I'm happy to give his stuff a new home.

    2. Yes sir he did and he totally is.

  2. It's awesome to see you enjoying the toys bud. I know they're in good hands. Also, thanks for the shout out and the kinds word about me and my art.

    1. For sure! Thank you for all the awesome stuff you sent! With your kindness and generosity you fit right in with this great little online toy community I have come to know for the past few years. :)

  3. Awesome! I have a couple of Brian Lapsley posts I'm working on right now as well!!! Awesome guy, awesome mystery boxes!!!

    1. Indeed! He's a great guy and I'm glad I know him! It's really amazing how many wonderful people I have had the opportunity to meet via the world wide web. Isn't technology great?

  4. I have that Dart Vader!! He was made in the 90s by Kenner, yay!!!!

    1. Yep, I too had one once upon a time. My brother and i got caught up in the hype. We were so excited that Star Wars toys were making a come back and we were gonna leave all of the figures mint on card and we were gonna make so much money. Well, I got bored of that idea later and opened them all up and played with them, and I'm glad I did! Toys were ment to be played with and enjoyed when you're young. :)

  5. That Sarlacc mouth looks just like a butthole.